Top 10 Health Benefits Of Watermelon Juice & How To Make It

Watermelon – as name suggest; a fruit which is rich in water and helpful for rehydration in summer season. Not only kids but adults too find it difficult to not to get attracted to the dark red color of watermelon flesh.

It is a perfect fuit that not only satisfy your taste buds but als provides you water, vitamins, minerals and fibers. Watermelon is a rich source of water, vitamin A and anti-oxidant lycopene.


These all ingredients of watermelon help our body to rehydrate well and maintain general health. Here is some best health benefits of watermelon.

1. Rehydration

Watermelon is rich in electrolytes with its abundant water content. This makes watermelon worthy summer season fruit to quench thirst as well as provide electrolytes.

2. Prevent Infections

High quantity of Beta-carotene can be found in watermelon which help human body to fight against vairal infections by boosting general health and well-being. It provides approx. 570 mg of Vitamin A, if you eat 100 gram of watermelon flesh. This vitamin is a natural anti-oxidant and boost immunity as well as improve vision in kids.

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3. Help To Loose Weight

If you are one of those who struggles to keep their calory intake low then watermelon is life savor for you. Watermelons provides very low calories. Approx. 30 calories you will get for each 100 gram of watermelon flesh you eat.

Watermelon fill your stomach and gives you sense of satisfaction while keeping the calories low.

4. Best For Heart

Arginine is another nutrient content of watermelon which is amino acid in nature and helpful for helath of your heart. Arginine help our body to relax blood vessels of heart. Along with help of Potassium & Magnessium watermelon help our circulatory system to lower the blodd pressure.

5. Prevent Cancers

Rich presence of anti-oxidant flavonoids in watermelon like beta-carotene, zeazanthin, lycopene, cryptoxanthin and lutein guard our body against cancer.
Watermelon can help to prevent colon, prostet, pancrease and breast cancer. Lycopene & Carotenoids are the phyto-chemicals that are essential for our cells to build properly and these ingredient of watermelon help body to protect cells from oxygen free radicals.

6. Maintain Health Of Kidney

Having profuse amount of water along with electrolytes, minerals and vitamins, watermelon help flush out toxins from body and help keep kidney healthy.

It prevents building up germs in the bladder and provide protection against infections.

7. Help to Improve Fertility in Male

With multiple anti-oxidant and vitamins, watermelon is useful in improving fertility in males. One research suggest that watermelon can improve fertility by improving structure & count of sperms.

8. Slow Down Pre-mature Ageing

The most important factor that decide how long you will look young and charming is ‘Ageing’ process. The slow ageing process keeps you beautiful and young looking even in your old age. Nature gifted watermelon with multiple anti-oxidant, vitamins, minerals and fibers. All these content of watermelon slow downs the process of ageing by combating oxygen-free radical in skin and boost immunity to fight against any possible infection Water and fibest in watermeon help to keep gut clean which results into healthy skin.

9. Improve Vision & Health Of Eye

As we discussed before 100 gram of watermelon flesh is sufficient to provide 20% of daily requirement of our body for vitamin A.
Vitamin-A is exclusively work upon health of eyes and improve vision, especially in kids. It helps in preventing pigmentation of retina.

10. Boost Immunity

With all Vitamins and anti-oxidant watermelon boost our immunity and safe-guard us from infections. Anti-oxidant in watermelon prevents cell damages and help our body to build up new connective tissues.

We hope with these useful health reasons there any one who will not love to eat watermelon 🙂

How To Make Watermelon Juice

Making a watermelon juice is not rocket science.

Get your watermelon and wash it thoroughly. Apply few drops of apple cider vinegar to watermelon and wash it again with help scrubbing brush to remove any wax if applied.

Cut out the required portion of watermelon to make juice. Take out the red flesh of watermelon & chop it in small pieces. (So you can add it to your juicer feed). You can also take two to four small pieces of green part of watermelon as it is also a rich source of beneficial nutrient.

Once you add all these watermelon pieces to your juicer; turn it on and slowly feed them till it become juicy.

Finish the juicing process and enjoy your watermelon juice!

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