Does Masturbation Cause Acne?

Seems like every teenager is obsessed with this question.

Is there any relation between these two things?


The answer is ABSOLUTELY NO.

Masturbation lovers, you can rejoice 🙂

There is no any evidence based study, that shows any correlation between acne and masturbation.

Especially teenagers are more prone to get acne because of the hormonal changes that happening in their bodies during this period.

These hormonal changes cause hoarseness of voice, pubic hair to grow, and many other things that teens experiences them the first time in life.

Because of excessive changes in hormones some people may get acne during this period of their life.

Please do understand that causes of acne are totally different than masturbation and masturbation never lead to acne.

But if you browse some acne forum many people especially males tend to complain that, they get acne when they start masturbating excessively.

To understand this, we need to see what masturbation triggers in our body.

Whether it is a male or a female everybody experiences the joy of masturbation minimum once in life.

It is found that 5 out 10 people masturbate 4 to 5 times a week. This is considered as normal masturbation rate while doing it several times a day can be termed as excessive.

When you are not indulging in sex with your partner for many weeks; you can use masturbation to relieve your sexual urge. It is absolutely normal.

But if you do it several times a day then it may cause some health issues. Especially in males, excessive masturbation triggers ‘Adrenal Fatigue’, which leads to sexual exhaustion, physical fatigue,  erectile dysfunction, seminal leakage hair loss etc.

The habit of excessive masturbation is nothing less than an addiction like smoking or drinking alcohol.

Try not to overdo it. Just do it for a couple of times a week and your are good to go.

Does masturbation causes pimples in females?

Masturbation in females differs little than in males, but the things it triggers in their body remains same.

We have cross checked with many girls as well as gone through multiple acne related forums, but we have hardly got any girl who is complaining about getting acne after excessive masturbation.

So girl calm down, masturbation never cause acne.

How many times a week should I masturbate?

There is no any real answer for this question as the ability to masturbate is all depend on your physical as well as mental health.

If you do it many times a day and have totally healthy life (means you do not get physical & mental fatigue or you are not giving up on sex with your partner) then it normal for you but this may not be true for some other people.

But doing it several times a day is never advisable. It is like having a compulsive disorder to masturbate so it is always better to keep it few times a week. May be 2 to 3 times a week.

The main thing to consider is that doing masturbation should not cause any health problem in you. you should not be giving up on sex with your partner only because you are exhausted by indulging in excessive masturbation act.

If masturbation is not a cause of my acne then what else it may be?

There several other reasons that can trigger acne.

It may be unhealthy skin with clogged skin pores, hormonal imbalance, stress, gut problems, unhealthy diet, some drugs, etc.

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