Lemon Water Detox – Health Benefits Of Lemon Water Detox Diet

1. It aids digestion. Drinking lemon juice with warm water enhances digestion. Lemon water has multiple vitamins & trace elements that stimulates the liver to create bile and boost other digestive enzyme production. This effect leads to improved digestion and reduces gastritis, bloating, and belching.

2. Act as diuretic. Lemon juice enhances function of kidneys and works as diuretic. As we discussed previously lemon is a rich source of Potassium, vitamin C & Citric acid. Potassium & Citric acid together makes potassium citrate which is an extremely useful agent to prevent kidney stones.[2, 3]

Lemon juice along with warm water increases rate of urination making it easy for a body to clean out unwanted toxins. It works as a perfect body cleanse drink.


3. Enhance immunity. Rich with Vitamin C, Dietary fibers & many trace elements; lemon act as an immunity booster. Vitamin C is known as Ascorbic acid and found helpful to relieve symptoms of common cold. Many clinical observation suggests that it is helpful to build immunity but to support this claim we are still lacking clinical research output.

But all doctors and researchers agree on one point that when given during an attack of infection vitamin C plays an important role to pump up immunity. [4]

4. Alkalize body. Lemon provides Citric acid & Ascorbic acid, but both of them are weak acids and our body can easily metabolize them. So the remaining minerals of lemon make it an alkalizing agent for the human body. They alkalize the blood.

Lemon juice alkalizes blood by reducing its pH, which is very useful to prevent man disease conditions. It can help to prevent osteoarthritis

5. Antioxidant & Anti-cancer properties. ‘Flavonol glycosides’ a unique compound found in the lemon act as anti-oxidant and control cell division process. This property makes lemon an anti-cancer agent. Apart from this flavonoid, vitamin C work as anti-oxidant. It is one of the most important anti-oxidant that can be found in nature. It bind with free radicals in the human body and minimize damage.

Free radicals are highly active & unstable molecules in our body. They aggressively bind with our cell walls and damage them, resulting into inflammation, swelling & redness. Vit. C helps to reduce this action of free radicals by neutralizing them.

6. Provides the clear skin. Lemon water flushes out the toxins and brings in anti-oxidant that boost immunity and provides clear skin. Lemon have anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and cleansing properties.

7. Increase bile production. Lemon water is known to flush out toxins from the liver and enhance bile production. Bile is a pigment produced by live and stored in gallbladder. Digestion of fats totally depends upon this pigment. So lemon also help in fat digestion.

8. Increase health of the colon. Pectin fiber (soluble dietary fibers) is one of the content of lemon. It helps to improve the health of intestine and colon. It helps to prevent colon & prostate cancer as well as plays role in reducing cholesterol. Undergoing study shows great benefits from citrus pectin to combat tumors. Citrus pectin is a fiber derived from the skin of citrus fruits like lemon. [5]

9. Reduce bad breath. Early morning dose of lemon water help to reduce bad breath & help to fight gingivitis. High source of anti-bacterial & anti-oxidant agents work as preventive against bad smell and freshen up your breath.

10. Help to lose weight. Though it is not a magic remedy to lose weight, pectin fibers and alkalizing properties of lemon helps to shred some amount of fats. A glass of water along with lemon activates kidneys to flush out toxins, pectin fibers help to reduce hunger cravings & eventually if practiced for long time lemon water can help you to lose a couple of KG.

11. Natural expectorant. It has been observed that lemon water can work as a natural expectorant by liquefying mucus. It is not a secrete; that lemon tea is being used since ancient days to relieve nasal congestion & phlegm.

With so many benefits of lemon water; it is hard to avoid this healthy drink.

Before you start lemon water diet keep in mind that it is just a healthy habit and don’t over do it. Anything in excess is not good for health. Keep drinking one glass of warm water with one tablespoon of lemon juice added to it.

Over consumption of lemon water can trigger GERD (Gastro-esophageal-reflux-disease) and you will experience heartburn. It may also cause frequent urination leaving you dehydrated. If any side effects occur, seek medical help.


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