This 15-Year-Old Invented 100% Cancer Detecting Test – Puts Cancer Industry To Shame.

Everybody knows that pancreatic cancer is one of most deadly form of cancer. If not diagnosed in early stage, there is very little chances of survival of patient suffering from pancreatic cancer.

As pancreas plays an important role in digestion and creates useful enzymes, its not shocking that once people get pancreatic cancer all these function get hampered.


Instead creating those enzymes becomes the most painful task for pancreas, that is why only 5 to 6% of people who got pancreatic cancer can able survive for more than five years. In most patients, it gets diagnoses in its advanced stage and it generally got metastasis to other part of body.

Though there is a hope if this disease gets diagnoses in its early stage. Surgical removal of cancer tumor is possible when it not spread to other parts of body. At current stage of medical science, in most of the cases we fail to diagnose it in early stage.

But this teenager at the age of 15 took initiative and developed a new technique that can able to diagnose pancreatic cancer in its early stages.

Meet Jack Andraka, from Crownsville, Maryland. The inventor of this 400 time more sensitive pancreatic cancer detecting test.

He claims that his patent-pending sensor that detects this deadly cancer is 168 time faster and 26,000 less expensive than traditional test that detect pancreatic cancer.

And he is not kidding, the current test that diagnoses this disease is almost 60 yr old and not 100% accurate.

This old test is not only expensive costing $800 to patient but it usually miss almost 30% of all pancreatic cancers.

While Jack can able to create his test that only require 5 minutes of time and cost 3 cents.

This is one of them most useful invention in the medical field that going to be save life of million peoples.

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