How To Whiten Skin With Almond Oil?

Do you wish to have glowing and healthy skin? If yes is that you answered, then you can consider using almond oil for your skin. Almond oil helps in lightening the dark shade of your skin and can help you to whiten the skin. Having bright and radiant skin can make it easy for you to get an attractive look.

First, you need to find out the reason behind having darker skin. Melanin is the reason! If your skin produces more melanin than your skin can go darker. There are several things that trigger the excess creation of melanin like pollution, poor diet, bad hygiene, cosmetic products etc. you can whiten skin with almond oil as it is considered to be one among the best home remedies.


Almond oil is good for skin whitening because it helps in maintaining hydrated skin because of the presence of vitamin A, B and E. It can become easy to deal with ageing signs with almond oil because of the fatty acids and vitamin E present in it. The new and healthy skin cell production can make your skin look nourished. The sunburn and tanning can also be reduced with the almond oil and also the clogged pores can be cleared.

Here are the few ways to whiten your skin with almond oil:

1. Use only almond oil

Almond Oil and Soap

Without any mixture, you can use plain and pure almond oil to massage your skin. Massage process should be carried out for around 20 minutes.

Allow the oil to rest on your skin for around 1 or 2 hours, as per your convenience. Now wash off the oil and continue this process for few days to whiten your skin.

2. Use almond oil with honey


Why honey? Enzymes present in honey can help you to keep your pores clean and clear. Honey also has some antibacterial properties that can prevent the formation of bacteria. Get gorgeous skin by mixing almond oil and honey together.

Take almond oil and honey in the equal proportion and apply it to your skin. Allow the mixture to rest over your skin for around 20 minutes. Now you need to take some lukewarm water to rinse the oil. If required, you can also add few drops of lemon juice to this mixture. Repeat this process thrice in a week for around 1 month to get the better skin whitening results.

3. Use almond oil with sugar

Sugar Crystals

Why sugar? Sugar is one such ingredient that can hydrate and moisturise your skin. It can work well for your skin when you mix almond oil with it.

If you are taking 1 tablespoon of almond oil then you need to take 2 tablespoons of sugar. Create the paste by mixing both the ingredients and allow sugar to get dissolve in the oil properly. The paste that you create out of these two ingredients can be used for scrubbing your skin.

The scrubbing should be done carefully because harsh scrubbing can lead to skin rashes. After 15 minutes of application, you can wash your skin but it is suggested to make sue of cold water. To this sugar and almond oil paste, you can also add rose water or fruit pulp.

4. Use almond oil with vitamin E capsules

Vitamin E Capsules

Why vitamin E capsules? Intake of vitamin E, helps to slow down the ageing process. The antioxidant properties of vitamin E can make your skin wrinkle free.

You need to take around 3 vitamin E capsules and mix it with the almond oil. Take around 1 tablespoon of almond oil. Now combine these two ingredients and apply the mixture to your skin. Carry out massage in the circular motion and allow the mixture to rest over your skin for 15 minutes.

First, use lukewarm water to wash your skin and then use cold water. Once in every week, you can carry out this process that can help your skin to get whiten.

5. Use sandalwood and lemon oil with almond oil

Lemon Oil

Why sandalwood and lemon oil? These two oils can properly blend with almond oil and can help you to maintain the hydrated skin. It can also make your skin soft.

When you take 1 ounce of almond oil, you should take 10 drops of sandalwood oil and 5 drops of lemon oil. Mix these three ingredients in a glass bottle to create the oil mixture that can be applied to your skin. Take around 4 drops of oil to massage it over your skin and allow the oil to rest for around 15 minutes.

This mixture can be applied every day before sleeping. First thing in the morning you need to do is, rinse off the oil.

6. Use lemon juice with almond oil

Why lemon juice? Lemon juice has the bleaching properties that can help in skin whitening process. It can also nourish and moisturise your skin.

Take equal quantity of almond oil and lemon juice and mix it properly. Now apply it to your skin and allow it to rest for around 20 minutes. First, take lukewarm water to wash your skin and then take some cold water to thoroughly clean your skin. Thrice in a week, you can repeat this process.

7. Use almond oil with the milk powder

Why milk powder? Do you want your skin to look fresh, radiant and lovely? If yes, then use milk powder with the almond oil.

If you are taking 1 cup of almond oil then you need to take around 500 grammes of milk powder. For skin whitening, you can use this mixture in an interesting way. You need to fill your bathtub with water and then add this mixture to the water. Now you can enter the bathtub and soak yourself for around half an hour. To get good and quick results, you can repeat this process on daily basis.


Almond oil should always be applied in a limited quantity because the excess application can clog your pores. This can further lead to pimples. Whiten your skin successfully with almond oil and get the younger look.

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