How to Treat Eczema with Tea Tree Oil?

What is eczema? It is the type of skin disease that includes dryness, flaking, burning, itching etc. It is very irritating when you constantly get the urge to scratch your skin out of itching. In order to overcome with eczema, you have the smart and easy option and that is you can make use of tea tree oil. It is possible to treat eczema with tea tree oil effectively.

The antiseptic properties of tea tree oil can prevent the further damage of your skin. The inflammation can be reduced due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Infections can be prevented with its antibacterial properties.


Originally, this tea tree oil has been derived from the  Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia. In Australia, this oil is popularly used for more than 100 years and now it is gaining popularity across the world. The skin healing properties of this ingredient make it popular among masses.

Now you know that it is possible to treat eczema with the tea tree oil. Apart from this, here are few FAQ’s that you need to learn:

How can eczema patient get benefited by using tea tree oil?

Some of the properties of tea tree oil can treat the eczema patient and these properties are:

  • First are anti-inflammatory properties – Treats skin irritation
  • Second are antimicrobial properties – Treats germs causing infection
  • Third are antibacterial properties – Treats skin infection
  • Fourth are antifungal properties – Treats skin itching
  • Fifth are antiseptic properties – Treats rough skin
  • Sixth are antioxidant properties – Treats skin from free radicals

All the above-stated tea tree oil properties can help the eczema patient to deal with the skin problems. This oil can also treat skin fungus, acne, skin irritation etc. It can also reduce bacteria in the skin. It is also a useful oil for healthier hairs.

What have experts analysed about eczema and tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is the well-researched subject and going by the expert opinion, it can be said that it is the best oil for eczema. In past few years, it has been proved that the tea tree oil has some amazing healing qualities. In the year 2004, an animal study was done and few dogs with eczema were treated with the tea tree oil cream. Those treated with the tea tree oil cream experienced less itching in comparison to the dogs that were treated with the other commercial cream.

Again the research done in the year 2011, says that the tea tree oil is more effective in comparison with clobetasone butyrate cream and zinc oxide cream.

What is the best way to get prepared for the tea tree oil treatment?

It is very important to make use of the tea tree oil in the best possible way so that you can effectively treat eczema and get the desired results.

First, you need to select the oil that is not contaminated. Look for the pure oil and not for the one that is contaminated with the addition of other ingredients. While selecting tea tree oil, you need to be always careful and keep in mind certain points:

  • Search for an organic oil.
  • Look out for the oil that is 100 percent pure.
  • Find out the good brand that offers pure oil.
  • Purchase tea tree oil from the supplier to whom you trust.
  • Whatever may be the type of Melaleuca tree, but the oil should be completely pure in nature.
  • Look for the tea tree oil bottle with the terpinen concentration because it is considered to be the good antiseptic agent.

In order to get yourself prepared to buy the best oil, it is important for you to select the brand after reading the customer reviews.

How important is it to make use of the tea tree oil with any of the carrier oil?

It is very important to dilute tea tree oil before its application to your skin. Dilution process can be carried out by using the right carrier oil. This can reduce the risk of inflammation and skin irritation. The proportion of carrier oil should be proper in comparison with the tea tree oil. In every two drops of tea tree oil, you can add around 12 drops of carrier oil.

Few popularly sued carrier oils are like jojoba oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, almond oil, avocado oil, olive oil,  etc. this oil should not be sued alone because it can cause dryness to the skin. An undiluted oil can make the skin problem worse.

Why should you do the patch test before using tea tree oil for eczema?

The tea tree oil may or may not suit your skin, so keep this in mind and consider doing the patch test before using it. Carrying out skin patch test can make it easy for you to know whether this product is safe for you or not.

As stated above, carry out dilution process and apply the prepared mixture to your forearm. The mixture will get absorbed in your skin and so you don’t have to rinse it. If you experience any kind of irritation then get in touch with your doctor. Avoid using this tea tree oil mixture near your eye area.

How to store tea tree oil for future?

Is there any leftover tea tree oil in your home? If yes, then store it properly so that you can use it in future when required. The unused oil should remain intact with its properties and so you should store it in a cool and dark place. Don’t let it get exposed to the light and air because this can damage the quality of the oil. If your oil gets oxidised with the exposure to light, then it can create allergic reactions. So it is important to store the oil appropriately.

Important points to be noted

  • If you are a pregnant or lactating mother, then use this oil with utmost caution.
  • It is the kind of toxic to humans and so never ingest it, in order to avoid problems like rashes, diarrhoea, etc..

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