How to Reduce Phlegm & Mucus Build up in Throat

Occasional mucus build up in throat is not disturbing but when it becomes chronic condition then it starts to irritate your throat.

In such condition you might end up trying to get rid of it.


What is mucus or phlegm?

Mucus is also known as phlegm. There is very small difference between phlegm & mucus.

Mucus is mostly created by upper respiratory track while phlegm is build up in lower part of respiratory track.

Mucus is actually a fluid that consists of water, glycoprotein named as mucins, antiseptic enzymes, salt and immunoglobulins.

It is sticky in nature and helps to protect epithelial membrane of respiratory system.

Mucus or phlegm build up is a normal procedure of our respiratory system.

Inner lining of our nose, throat and other part of respiratory system is rich in mucus (or phlegm) building glands.

These glands have specialized cells that create phlegm.

Mucus work as protective layer of respiratory system and helps to traps small particles of dust.

Cilia lining of mucus membrane which is a tiny hair like extensions, move this dust trapped mucus out of respiratory system through nose.

When does phlegm secretion increases?

Phlegm secretion increases when a person got bacterial or viral infection of throat, it also increases when you exposed to cold, dust, pollen grains or other tiny particles enters in respiratory system.

Why does mucus have different colors?

Mucus have white color when your respiratory system is healthy. But it can vary as per the environment you are living in.

But can get yellow or greenish when you get respiratory tract infection.

What causes mucus build up in throat?

There are many things that leads to mucus build up in your throat.

  1. Post nasal drip of mucus
  2. Common cold or flue
  3. Seasonal allergy
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Viral or bacterial infection of throat.

How to reduce throat mucus?

There are many ways to reduce throat mucus and sooth you throat.

1. Inhale hot water steam

Steam inhalation is one of the most used and helpful home remedy that comes to rescue to reduce phlegm.

This helps to liquefy thick mucus and sooth your throat.

Either you boil some water in a pot and take steam through your nasal passage or take a hot water shower in a closed bathroom.

Doing this couple of time every day will help.

2. Drink Lot of water

As phlegm is a liquid in nature and consist lot of water. Drinking 7 to 8 glass of water will help to hydrate our body. This directly leads to liquefy phlegm.

Drinking more water also helps to improve general health condition of body.

3. Blow your nose – Do this 2 to 3 times a day to avoid post nasal drip of mucus.

Close your one nostril and blow through another and remove mucus out of your nose.

4. Salt water gargles – Try salt water gargles couple of times a day.

Take one glass warm water and add half tea spoon of slat and gargle your throat with this mixture. It helps to liquefy mucus and sooth your throat.

5. Try vaporizer – Use vaporizer to loosen up mucus clog in throat or nose.

Do not forget to add one or two drop of eucalyptus oil to vaporizer, which will help to reduce throat congestion.

6. Change your habits – Avoid visiting places that have too much dust or allergens in environment. Stop smoking.

7. Drink hot liquids

Have warm water or herbal tea to relieve congestion of throat and to break up the mucus.

A recent study found that drinking how water or chicken soup can help to increase nasal mucus velocity for short time and this practice can be included to manage upper respiratory tract mucus clogs. (Source)

So feel free to have a bowl of hot chicken soup whenever you get the nasal or throat mucus. It helps.

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