How To Make Yourself Throw Up Easily

Looking for easy ways to make yourself throw up?

Inducing vomiting is an easy process; if you are already feeling nauseating and try to induce vomiting then it become really quick.


There are many instances when we strongly feel the need to throw up our stomach content. For example, when we eat something that we can’t digest easily, excessive drinking of alcohol, food products that cause sour stomach etc…

But whatever reason it can be, the first thing you should do is to contact nearest poison control center. They will guide you on whether it is good for you to induce vomit or not. Because there are many situations where inducing vomiting is not a viable option & in such cases, it is better not to vomit.

If you could not able to contact nearest poison control center then you should possibly check the reason for feeling seek. Is it overeating, excessive alcohol consumption? or the seafood that you eat few minutes before? Is there any other symptom that accompanies nausea? (If YES – contact your family physician)

Once you able to relate the possible cause of your seek feeling then it become much easier to decide whether to induce vomiting or not. If there is no any other symptom than feeling nausea and you think that you can feel better once you throw up then you can start the procedure to induce vomiting.

How To Make Yourself Throw Up?

1. Decide Place to vomit –

Toilet Place

Before you induce your gag reflex and throw up, you should plan the desired place to throw up otherwise you will end up making a mess.

Throwing up stomach content is a quick and instant process & once you start vomiting you can’t control it. So find the place to throw up. It might be your toilet, sink or just a regular bucket.

If you are outside of the home then keep yourself away from other people and their baggage or cars. No one likes it when some random guy vomits on their stuff.

2. Is the vomiting necessary?

The human body is an amazing creation of nature. He created the best mechanism to vomit. Our body will throw up naturally when it is necessary.

So it is important to see if you really need to vomit or not. Some people get frazzled with a short wave of nausea and go haywire to induce vomiting; though there is no absolute need of throwing up.

There are few ideal signs that our body start to show when it is necessary to vomit, which are as follows –

  • Excessive salivation
  • Uneasy feeling in the stomach with extreme discomfort.
  • Seek feeling with nausea which becomes worse as you move.
  • Lips become pale

3. Let your body vomit

If it is an emergency then the body will trigger vomiting automatically. No need of inducing it.

Just go to toilet and sit for few minutes to allow your body to vomit out

4. Use index finger to activate gag reflex

This is one of the easy & widely practiced methods to induce vomiting.

Use your index finger to activate reflex gag by tingling back part of your tongue. Push your finger towards the back side of the throat and push your back part of the tongue gently and remove the finger immediately.  Doing this will induce gag reflex which will trigger vomiting.

Practice this method with great caution as you might hurt your throat, make sure nail of an index finger is not grown and clean.

5. Drink Salt Water

Salt Water Glass

Salt water is an ancient home remedy to induce vomiting.

Excessive sodium chloride in the stomach activates vomiting process. So if you could not able to vomit by using your index finger technique have a glass of salt water and after a couple of minutes try to induce vomiting.

Salt water is a great emetic and works like a charm.

6. Use Ipecac Syrup or Mustard Water

Ipecac Syrup Bottle

Ipecac syrup is well-known to cause emesis quickly. Read the label of a bottle for instruction and consult your doctor for the proper dose.

Mustard water is also known to make you throw up quickly and easily.

7. Watch another person vomiting

This work like a charm, but very difficult to find a person who is vomiting at the same time as you get nausea.

Many website advice to watch a video of a person vomiting but it will not work in many cases (because the physiology of vomiting does not work that way). If you are really a sensitive person then it might possible for you to vomit by watching a video of another person vomiting. Just give it a try.

8. Prepare to vomit & avoid splatter

Once you are ready to throw up, sit close to the toilet or keep your mouth close to bucket or bowl.

If you are outside of the home then try to be close to the ground. This way you will not spread your vomit all over the place and can avoid splatter.

Does your nausea & vomiting have some serious cause? (When to see doctor?)

Most of the time nausea is the first sign of stomach upset & gastroenteritis, it is better to consult your doctor in following conditions.

1. If your nausea and vomiting last more than 8 to 10 hours then it is better to consult your doctor.

2. In the case of women, if it stays few days constantly in the morning and you missed your period then think about pregnancy.

3. You feel dizzy after vomiting and tongue become dry. –  The Dry tongue is a first sign of dehydration which needs to be corrected immediately.

4. If vomiting accompanies with diarrhea and other symptoms.

5. If you are not sure exactly what you eat that triggered nausea and vomiting.

6. If your kids getting nausea & vomiting. Sometimes they may get the fever.

7. If you see blood in vomiting. Your vomits will look coffee ground in color.

8. If you feel drowsy with vomiting or having severe headache or neck stiffness.

9. If you have the high-grade fever with nausea as well as your heart rate increases more than 100 beats/min  and you get sweating & palpitation.

10. If you get vomiting after eating every day. This might be a bulimia & needs to be treated correctly.

How to prevent nausea?

As we all know that eating wrong things, excessive eating or eating your meal fast can trigger nausea.

There is no way to stop vomiting if it is caused by any underlying disease, but you can change your lifestyle to minimize any possible disorders that can trigger vomiting.

Limit your alcohol consumption. Eat the right food which is healthy and  non-irritating to stomach. Spicy, oily and carbonated food may trigger nausea by causing stomach irritation.

Sit in the upright position after you eat and avoid sleeping immediately after eating. Drink enough water through out the day.

Do not stay awake late nights as it increase gastric acid secretion and cause nausea with burning in abdomen.

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

What things should you do after you throw up?

Once you finish your vomiting, you will feel tired because of loss of water and minerals through vomitus.

First thing you should do after vomiting is to wash your face and mouth to get rid of acidic taste in mouth that vomiting leaves behind.

If needed, you can brush your teeth.

To regulate dehydration caused by vomiting, drink water. Take a sip of water at a time and repeat after every 15 to 20 minutes. Try drinking fruit juice like watermelon juice to re-hydrate.

Do not eat or drink anything that can potentially cause nausea like alcohol, carbonated drinks etc.

Looking For Weight Loss??
If you are landed on this page with the intention to lose some weight and stay fit in life then you must know few things before you proceed to do so.

We have never written this article with an intention to help those who use throwing up technique to lose weight. Instead, we strongly discourage doing so.

Throwing up to lose weight is not recommended.

But DIETING is the great way to lose weight and here is the best 3 weeks diet program that makes wonders.

  • 3wkdiet-imageThis diet plan forces your body to lose the STUBBORN body FATs in the first week.
  • It also helps the body to lose approximately 1 pound of body fats during the subsequent week.
  • It is a science-based method that boosts metabolism and helps to lose weight.


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Feeling nauseated?Here are few easy and safe ways to throw up yourself!

Posted by Popcorn Youth on Monday, May 25, 2015

Tasha - May 4, 2015

Thanks, the salt water method really works!!!

    Dr. Sachin - May 7, 2015

    Yes Tasha, salt water is one of the best home remedy that helps to induce vomiting easily.

    Taylor - August 31, 2015

    How much salt water do you have to drink before you throw up

      Dr. Sachin - September 1, 2015

      Its depend upon how much your stomach can tolerate. Mostly an half glass of salt water will do the trick!

Fiona - May 4, 2015

I’m Fiona I’m 14 and I want to lose weight how many cups of warm salt water do I take

    Dr. Sachin - May 5, 2015

    You should not be using Salt water to lose weight. It will harm your body by triggering vomiting. Instead pay attention to your diet. Cut off extra sugar, fats and bakery products from your diet. Exercise daily for 20 to 30 minutes and have one glass of lemon water early in the morning.

    Bob - May 7, 2015

    No is the answer.

    Emma - May 13, 2015

    Oh hon, you don’t need to lose weight, like, REALLY don’t need to lose weight. Kids need a variety of foods and nutrition while they’re developing to grow properly, if you start now, your body will never be the same and you will regret your decision later in life.

      Summer - July 26, 2015

      I would not want to throw up easily

    Celeste Wrezel - June 2, 2015

    I wasn’t sure either how many to drink, I don’t want to have to keep drinking gross water and wait, the finger work the best

    Nicole - July 2, 2015

    You don’t, if you want to loose weight then you should try a better diet and exercise. Vomiting isn’t for losing weight.

    Kayla - August 6, 2015

    Fiona, I’m also 14 and do not use vomiting as a way to lose weight. First off, It will have your teeth to erode and turn brown and yellow from all of the acids. Also, It messes with your organs. Try that 14 day detox or go vegan for a few weeks and you’ll be healthy and happy with your results. 🙂

    krystal - December 2, 2015

    Honey, I would HIGHLY suggest another way to lose weight, not by throwing up. Throwing up to lose weight can potentially be very dangerous.

    Sarah - December 12, 2015

    Don’t do that it can cause problems. Just exercise and trust me you’ll feel better about your new look because you worked hard for it and it’ll be less likely for you to gain back the weight because of this. If you just take the easy way out you’ll slip up easily and make yourself sick.

    Mary - December 22, 2015

    I use to throw up because I was 5 ‘5 and I was 156 lbs , and was 14 years old to. 5 months later I was 103 lbs and I was weak and my body was very unhealthy. I do not recommend throwing up to lose weight . I had to take pills to make me eat and it was not fun.

    Ally - January 13, 2016

    I recommend 2-3 teaspoon
    I’m actually doing the same thing as you but to be honest it is really bad for your health and I’m regretting this already but yeah👍🏼

connor - May 11, 2015

Allowing your body to vomit is good option.

    Dr. Sachin - May 12, 2015

    Yes Connor, allowing body to vomit is always best option as body knows when it require to throw up. And human body has inbuilt mechanism to vomit out the things that not good for stomach and body.

Omario - May 12, 2015

Whoever wrote this article needs to brush up on their English and writing skills. Better yet, use the grammar and spell-check!

    Dr. Sachin - May 21, 2015

    Thanks for your comment. We are working on the issue.

    peyton - February 25, 2016

    you don’t have to be so rude… Be kind to Dr. Sachin and if you don’t like reading his content than don’t click on the website

Savannah Fisher - May 16, 2015

This is just word I tried all of it and it don’t work

    Dr. Sachin - May 17, 2015

    It depends upon the cause of your nausea. I advice you to check with your family physician first.

Caitlin - May 30, 2015

After drinking salt water how many minutes does it take for you to throw up?

    Dr. Sachin - June 1, 2015

    It depends upon how much salt you added to water and how much quantity you drink. It also depends upon ability of your stomach to tolerate salt water.

Natasha - June 7, 2015

I need a really easy way to puke. I can fast for almost two days but then I eat a meal and I need to get rid of it. Any advice?

    Dr. Sachin - June 8, 2015

    Salt water and activating gag reflex can help to throw up easily. But I don’t understand why do fast for almost two days?? Don’t you feel like eating? It may be a symptom of anorexia.

Katherin - June 21, 2015

I’m 14 and my stomach always gets bloted and it hurts a lot. Today I had really bad stomach-ache that I was crying until I threw up twice and made it feel better. But now I have another stomach ache and it doesn’t go away and can’t sleep I’ve taken pain relievers and some pepto but it still doesn’t go away. What should I do ? Im not sure if I need to puke again but it hurts too much

    Dr. Sachin - June 21, 2015

    It happening twice, better you should check with your family physician to rule out the cause of your suffering.

Anonymous - July 30, 2015

Everything looked good until you said the body is “an amazing creation of God”. Thanks, but I don’t condone to having someone’s beliefs unnecessarily forced into an article.


    Dr. Sachin - July 31, 2015

    Ha ha…thanks for this epic reply. I am a doc and after studying human anatomy for many years I do realised that human body is an amazing creation. If you are not agree with me then its your prespective and I respect your view too!

      Ari - November 30, 2015

      As a doctor you should know when it’s appropriate to mention “God”. This is not an appropriate situation. Try to keep articles like this religion netural so everyone is pleased

        Dr. Sachin - November 30, 2015

        Changed the word to NATURE. 🙂 Thanks guys for being a part of DIY Home-remedies community.

          Racheal - February 5, 2016

          Don’t ever change words around to suit other peoples standards! You have your beliefs and if they don’t respect YOUR beliefs but expect you to respect yours they’re the wrong ones not you. Always stand firm in YOUR faith!!!

        Matsu - December 18, 2015

        Why can’t God be mentioned? Because YOU don’t believe in God? Why does everyone have to cater to the politically correct? Let the author express his religious values as you are able to express your irreligious ones.

Derek - August 3, 2015

Good article they really do work.
And you can also use it to lose weight

    Dr. Sachin - August 4, 2015

    Thanks Derek for the compliment 🙂 But I will not recommend using this technique to lose weight.

Anonymous - August 12, 2015

I am a 10 year old girl and after my softball practice today my stomcae stated to hurt and then head started to hurt and I can’t vomit what do u think I should do?

    Dr. Sachin - August 13, 2015

    May be you got gastritis. Take some antacid pills or consult your doc.

      Delaney - December 21, 2015

      My stomach has been hurting for the past two weeks but i cant throw up and isnt salt bad for your heart?

        Dr. Sachin - January 1, 2016

        Yes, anything in excess is bad for health.

Angelina - August 13, 2015

I feel like people are misunderstanding the usefulness of this article. People will always abuse information, even if the author intended otherwise. This is very useful to some people, I’m the kind of person who’s body wants to vomit but I will feel very sick for such a long time that it’s either misery or inducing vomiting. Especially when I was pregnant, it wasn’t a question of if I’d vomit, but when…so this. info is a great source for last resort options while feeling queasy.

    Dr. Sachin - August 13, 2015

    Thank you Angelina for kind words 🙂

      Jordan - August 23, 2015

      I need to puke but I don’t feel sick or anything HELP ME OUT

        Dr. Sachin - August 24, 2015

        If you do not feel sick then why you are looking for the ways to puke yourself??

sophie - August 29, 2015

This really helped me vomit. I’m losing weight and it helped.

    Dr. Sachin - August 29, 2015

    Glad you got help on throwing up, but this article was not intended to lose weight by throwing up 🙁

Sally - September 6, 2015

Hello, I am trying to vomit I over ate but I cannot get myself to throw up and I feel like I have to but nothing will come up I am burping a lot and taste acid in my mouth it’s very unpleasant and I know it’s from indulging into too much junk food. I drank one glass of salt water and all that comes up is fizzy spit up and that acidic taste it’s really gross.. I just wish I can get rid of this instead my body is digesting it… I have strong gag reflex.. I wish there was something I could take to help me. Also people on here looking to lose weight, eat something seriously!! and just workout regularly you will feel so much better then starving yourself. I recommend calorie counting and lifting weights and cardio exercising at least 4 times a week for 30-40 mins a day. Do something you love to do!!! Dance, swim, ride a bike.. just stay moving… 😉 because looking healthy is sexy!!!

kira - September 10, 2015

with the salt water does the water have to be warm or cold?

    Dr. Sachin - September 10, 2015

    Whatever you prefer. Warm water might work best.

allison - September 15, 2015

im 12 and i have tried the exercising and healthy diet but nothing really works i want and need to lose weight

    Dr. Sachin - September 15, 2015

    Throwing up to lose weight is not recommended and if you are looking for ways to stay fit and lose weight here are few tips –

    Trey - October 19, 2015

    If you’re 10-15 years old and you’re worried about losing weight and you’re making yourself throw up to get there, you’re doing it all wrong. When you’re that young (and even older) your body is just developing, and everyone’s body develops differently. What you do now can set the standard for your health for the rest of your life. Start now eating right and exercising. Weight loss won’t happen right away, but it WILL happen.
    If you just throw up and/or don’t eat, you’re setting yourself up for failure in the future. My sister started with bulimia when she was 14. I’ve had to take her to the hospital several times, and she has been to rehab twice. Now she’s 23, and although she doesn’t make herself puke anymore, she looks incredibly unhealthy from the damage she did to her body. She still struggles greatly with self image even though she’s 5’4 and only weighs about 115.
    Seriously… Please don’t do this to your body. She sincerely regrets it.

Tori Bunch - September 16, 2015

The absolute best way that I have found is the mustard and water way… I HATE mustard so this was a hard one but after two gulps you feel uneasy and the third one……. Your body cannot cannot cannot take if so you throw up..:/

Luis - September 19, 2015

Im scared of vomiting.. i been needing to vomit for the past couple of days.. but im scared and try my best to prevent it.. but it keeps comming back. What do i do? Please help

    Dr. Sachin - September 20, 2015

    If you are sick since two days, it is better to consult a doctor.

lachie bank - September 21, 2015

Hi I’m 12, I need to throw up because my body can’t I’ve tried the salt water and I’ve tried the reflex gag, I have even tried them both together (was I supposed to do that?) I need help if there is anything else please awnser! thank you
from lachie

    Dr. Sachin - September 21, 2015

    You have tried the most useful tricks to puke but it seems like it does not help you out. It is better to see a doc to find out the cause of your nausea and treat it accordingly.

allison - September 22, 2015

The gag thing worked I did what you said to do and a minute later it all came out. Well a little bit, the rEason why is because I ate a hot dog from sonic and I came back to my house and I felt like vomiting. Thx for the page. 🙂

Chantal - September 22, 2015

I have been useing this method now for about 3 weeks and have lost 10 pounds so I could be happier. I’m 14 and 3 weeks ago I weighted 108 pounds and now I weigh 98 Ilbs so thank you

    Josephine - November 24, 2015

    Extremeloy dangerous and terrible

rachille - September 25, 2015

Whenever I tell my mom I don’t feel good, and I feel like I’m gonna puke she never believes me. Only my brother. I am gonna try this technique see if she believes me now.

serdar - October 8, 2015

Hi, thanks for the article. Naturally (organic food) fed healthy people throw up the harmful or can’t digested food mostly without using any vomitting technique. Vomiting is the shortest, safest and most effective way to get rid of the harm food. A healthy person’s protection system retain the ability of vomiting lifetime. But eating industrial food mostly ruins this protection system and causes temperament changes, loss of vomiting ability and corruption in initial digestion. So gaining the vomitting ability again is crucial. I can recommend to add lemon to the above mentioned salt water, or drinking 200 gr warm water with one tbsp of “real” olive oil. Also finger technique is useful with “wet” fingers. You can vomit 2 times monthly to protect your stomach fit. But vomitting for weight is not recommended…

    Dr. Sachin - October 8, 2015

    Thanks Serdar for the insightful comment.

Maegann - October 8, 2015

yay! now i can be BULIMIC 😀 -_-

Clayton Miller - October 12, 2015

I was looking through here cause I’m a scout and was looking for techniques for food poisoning then I saw these comments about throwing up for a short cut. What would be a safe natural way to lose weight faster than an a diet and working out?

    Dr. Sachin - October 13, 2015

    Agree. Some people trying to throw up to lose weight and I think it’s insane to do such thing. Why don’t they eat healthy and workout???

katie - October 19, 2015

I am 14 and I think I’m fat. I can’t stop eating because I’m weak so I’m going to just regurgitate what I eat so I can still enjoy eating but not have to worry about gaining more weight and looking fatter.

    Dr. Sachin - October 21, 2015

    This is not the way to lose weight. YOu will end up having very UNHEALTHY body.

Trey - October 19, 2015

Please don’t get into bulimia. All of you people are so young too and you don’t realize what you are doing to your bodies. My sister started making herself throw up when she was 14. I’ve had to take her to the hospital several times and she has been to rehab twice. She’s 23 now and she looks very unhealthy even though she stopped with bulimia about 2 years ago. Eventually your gag reflex will get stronger, and throwing up won’t come easy. My sister’s teeth look horrible even though she is very adamant about taking care of them.
The last time I took her to the hospital, she was 5’4 and barely 80 lbs. She almost died. Seriously… Especially if you’re young, your body is only developing, so what you do now will set the stage for the rest of your life. If you start eating right and exercising now it can become a habit and a lifestyle vs being a lifelong struggle. The same can be said for bulimia. Don’t let it become a lifestyle.
All of those “beautiful” women in the movies and music industry that girls look up to for their strength and looks… I guarantee you they don’t look that way from being bulimic.
You know who started with bulimia though? Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Amy Winehouse…
Seriously PLEASE don’t do this to your bodies.

Alexis - October 20, 2015

I do not want to go to school tomorrow because I will get my test papers back.I want to skip school.Will throwing up harm us in anyway because we are puking for no reason

    Dr. Sachin - October 20, 2015

    Yes, it will harm your body. Puking without reason is harmful.

sydney - October 22, 2015

I’m 13 and feel so fat. I’ve tried the reflex method but it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

    Dr. Sachin - October 23, 2015

    Sorry, I did not write this article with the intention to help people to lose weight by throwing up. Making yourself throw up to lose weight is not recommended.
    Instead, opt for healthy eating, exercise and yoga.

    Matt - November 5, 2015

    I’m fifteen and I used to be fat , if you feel fat or if someone calls you fat, go to someone that cares about you and talk to them, your family is the most valuable thing on earth, listen to them, they would help you out

Sam - October 28, 2015

Girls please do not do this for weight loss. I know first hand. It is not pleasant. Having a feeding tube put in so you gain weight. Or waking up in the hospital because you passed out. It is not fun. It is a vicious cycle. please stop asking. How to lose weight this article was intended to help people with stomach troubles.

kaustav - November 22, 2015

how many spoons of salts should i add if i take half a glass of water

    Dr. Sachin - November 23, 2015

    Approximately half to one tablespoon of salt is sufficient.

Ray - November 26, 2015

Just cut a lemon in half and dig a hole in the middle of it (pinky finger sized). Then fill the hole with salt. Next lick it slowly until the salt is slowly eaten & suck out of the reminder of salt with some of the lemon juice. This will cause you to purge automatically. Have a large container nearby because you will hardly have time to run to the bathroom. Takes about five minutes to start to heave. Then you will have up all of a recently eaten meal.

    Dr. Sachin - November 27, 2015

    Thanks for sharing but I doubt if eating lemon with salt really works to make you throw up?

Wes - November 27, 2015

Correction- the human body is a creation of EVOLUTION (not god). Why the hell would you ever bring creationism into this

    Dr. Sachin - November 27, 2015

    Agree on this too. If you put your science glasses on; then yes, it is the creation of evolution. But what created the world’s first cell billion years ago?

    troy brown - December 1, 2015

    Why would you say hell if you don’t believe in God? Try respecting beliefs man. It’s his article, not yours; he can write what he wants.

Amy - November 29, 2015

They didn’t work. What should I do? Please help me

    Dr. Sachin - November 30, 2015

    Visit your family physician to see what’s wrong with your body. This article is just for information purpose and can not replace doctors’s advice.

Hannh - November 30, 2015

I’m going to try this because in bio on Tuesday were Dissecting A cat and I get really neasous when I see guts and blood…. I will use this to get out of class! Thanks

unknown - November 30, 2015

how long does it take to puke after the salt water

    Dr. Sachin - November 30, 2015

    It depends upon the tolerance of your stomach to salt water. But you should not use too much salt water to make yourself puke.

      unknown - December 1, 2015

      then what would help with an upset stop and like vomit comes up but wont come out

Vaughn - December 2, 2015

Im 15 and ever since I could remember I hate vomiting with a passion, I can tell o have to throw up because I can feel it reach my throat at times and its making me miserable, is there any tips you have for mentally getting over it so I can just vomit and get it over with

    Dr. Sachin - December 2, 2015

    Vomiting is a physiological response of the body, but you can’t get it on the regular basis. It triggered by something that body does not accept in the stomach or by infection or by many other causes.

    It is not a pleasant experience, but it is there for a reason. Do not afraid if you get vomiting or feeling nauseated. Instead, talk to your parents and doctor to find the cause and they will help you to treat it 🙂

A - December 5, 2015

Every day after my Saturday soccer game I have intense pain in my stomach like I need to throw up.. how do I stop this?

    Dr. Sachin - December 5, 2015

    This may not be related to throwing up. You need to seek physician’s help to rule out the causes of pains. There are many other causes that make you feel pain in stomach area.

David - December 11, 2015

Also, after you throw up you should also drink very small amounts of salty water to get sodium back into your body. Thats what my mom said anyway…

    Dr. Sachin - December 11, 2015

    Yes…vomiting may lead to sodium loss but drinking salt water immediately after vomiting may trigger more nausea.

....... - December 15, 2015

I have been dealing with this for around a few weeks. Every time I swallow, or even just put food in my mouth I feel nauseated. I go through episodes where if I eat something then I will continue to feel hungry, or just feel the impulsive desire to keep eating, and this will go on for probably at least half an hour. I have tried methods of purging, and I am so desperate to lose weight. I don’t know if these are symptoms of bulimia,purging disorder, binging disorder, or if I could have ENDOS. I am thirteen, and my mom is already emotionally abusive. I am really scared, but I can’t talk about this with an adult. What should I do? Whenever I try to induce vomiting with my finger I just start violently coughing, and I don’t puke. Am I doing something wrong?

    Laurel - April 5, 2016

    I’m going to try to address all your issues, and I hope this isn’t too late to be helpful, unless if you no longer need help.

    That absolutely sounds like an eating disorder. I know from experience that getting yourself out of any psychologically-difficult situation is almost impossible, and it’s even harder if you don’t have someone you can trust in your life who has been around long enough to know more about life. Know that your appearance is not the most important thing in your life, and there are much better ways to make your body healthy. Know also that you can get through all of this. You do not need to damage your body, but do not beat yourself up psychologically if you do resort to this. Take it one day at a time, and try to take correct care of yourself as much as you can. If you can talk to any peers who seem to be understanding about this, then by all means do. Talking it out helps with stress, depression, and anxiety so much, and I know some of that has to go into any eating disorder.

    Vomiting should not be common, nor should constant nausea. You’re not done growing or going through puberty, even if you already have some of its developments. Trust me that the changes in hormones will cause you to slim up naturally if you eat any semblance of a decent diet. Around your age, my appetite nearly doubled, and I went from a short chubby kid to a fairly scrawny teen without being physically active or putting any limit on my eating besides what my stomach wanted. If you throw up a large portion of what you eat, your body will not have time to absorb much in the way nutrients except for the sugars, which are not good for anything besides energy and the building of fat, and your body will panic when it cannot get any real nutrition in. You need proteins and healthy fats and minerals for your body to finish growing and finish with puberty correctly. Denying yourself of nutrition now could screw up your hormones and cause your body to stay shorter and lose weight slower than it might otherwise.

    I often experience nausea due to some medication I take, and I haven’t tried throwing up to fix it. Even though I believe that nausea is one of the worst feelings in the world, i treally hate throwing up, so I’d have to be sure that it would help in order to try it. It sounds like it often won’t help, though, I find that I do better if I eat foods that are low in grease and include a fair amount of some sort of fruit or vegetable in every meal, because healthier food tends to sit better in the stomach since it’s what the stomach is fit for.

    You may also have some sort of allergy or intolerance to something you eat regularly. Think about what you tend to eat every day, and try to eliminate any of those items that people tend to have issues with, and replace them with other foods to see if you feel better. I think the most likely things that could cause mild but chronic problems like your nausea are gluten (mostly from wheat-containing breads, pastas, cereals, etc.) and lactose from milk products, but I know people can be allergic to almost literally anything. If you can manage to limit yourself to meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and rice for a couple weeks, then you should know if your issue is from one of the most common food intolerances by seeing if you feel better or not. (I’m assuming nut allergies are almost always bad enough that it’ll be worse than nausea if they’re the cause, but I could be wrong here.)

    You may also just be overeating when you do, and not giving yourself enough time to digest before putting too much more into your system, or not giving yourself enough time to get over the nausea from throwing up. If it helps and you have free access to the food in your home, maybe try reading the labels on your food and try to figure out how many calories you need. At your age, my non-expert opinion is that you should probably be eating at least 2500 calories, but I think I had an abnormally large appetite for a girl when I was around your age. Since you believe you need to lose weight, maybe just going for that number would be good? Try to balance out nutrition so that you get lots of protein and complex carbs and fat (you need to get in fatty acids that your body can’t produce in order for your body to produce the hormones it needs even if you need to lose weight).

    If you’re able to go for walks, then by all means do. They can help you feel better in literally every way. Listen to music or not as you see fit when you do, it can also give you some nice, peaceful time alone to sort out your emotions. It sounds like you’re hurting a lot, and many of us have been in similar pits. You’re defined by your heart, not your weight, and not whatever your mother says to you. You deserve confidence. The fact that you’re willing to reach out by the only means you could find shows that you’re stronger than many of the people who struggle with this, and I know you can use that strength to gain control over the lying voice that says that your appearance is all that matters.

Amber - December 17, 2015

Maybe in your article you should bring up the fact that this isn’t for losing weight, because almost all the comments I’m seeing are little kids looking to lose weight by doing this..

    Dr. Sachin - January 1, 2016

    It is already mentioned in the article.

      Alyssa - January 7, 2016

      I tried salt water I induced a small bit of vomit so I payed back down I Drank it at 6:51 am and now it’s 10:36am I don’t know what to do I’m having really disgusting farts and horrible burps I’m worried I’m gonna die please help me! I’m crying

        Dr. Sachin - January 9, 2016

        Probably you have problem on indigestion, in such case vomiting may occur naturally. If it doesn’t see a doctor asap.

Mayra - December 19, 2015

I’m Mayra and I have a massive case of diahareea and I literally need to go every 5 to 10 minutes I was thinking that I ate something very bad and I tried maybe seeing if vomitting would help and I tried to use my finger and it doesn’t help also my stomach makes these weird noises and it hurts very bad, what should I do?

    Dr. Sachin - January 1, 2016

    Having diarrhoea with nausea is an indication of infection of digestive track. You must consult doctor.

The Teenage Truth - January 10, 2016

Ok . . .
to everyone here that’s a fellow teen STOP trying to starve your self and throwing up! My aunt just passed away at age 35 because she was anorexic and threw up way to much and she died at 90 pounds and 5 “5”? If you convince yourself to throw up a lot to lose weight it might become a habit and you won’t live to long. So please don’t just throw up to be skinny. Think if you do your’re practically committing suicide ❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

Madi - January 20, 2016

I have been gaging like I was going to throw up the past few days. I was wondering if any of these might help.

Jason - February 17, 2016

I ate some bad meat and I tried inducing vomit so I don’t have to go through the diarrhea. I tried the salt and index finger technique but I couldn’t do it. I hope that old meat won’t hurt me too much because I can’t get this to work.

Jimmy - February 20, 2016

Hey I had to swallow a plastic sandwich bag because I got pulled over and it had weed residue in it and I forgot about it in the car. Will it pass or should I induce vomiting

    Dr. Sachin - February 20, 2016

    Check with your doc ASAP.

Georgina - March 6, 2016

Is letting your body vomit good?

    Dr. Sachin - March 8, 2016

    If you have urge to vomit and know the reason of vomiting, then its okay to let your body to vomit. It is way better to consult doc for advice than doing nothing.

Jake - March 10, 2016

Is is harmful to induce vomiting with your finger

    Dr. Sachin - March 12, 2016

    No, but you should be careful while doing that and make sure your finger does not hurt your throat.

Alana - March 17, 2016

They work although I thought salt water was very harmful and if people want to loose weight they should get off the Internet and exercise.

jenny - April 25, 2016

hi Dr.Sachin i have been feeling sick for two days i want to vomit so i can get everything bad out of my system but i am scared to do both of the things you suggested cause i hate vomiting

    Dr. Sachin - April 25, 2016

    There are few more option that you can try just click on the large green button that says ‘More tips on next page’. you can find it below the post.

Jazmin Ferrer - April 28, 2016

Block out all them haters 😜😜😜

Madeleine - May 4, 2016

I’m 12 and have not been felling well since yesterday ,i hadn’t had anything to eat since yesterday morning and that was only my brakfast. I thought I was feeling better so I decided to try and eat something ,but not long afterwards I started to feel ill again I’m not. I’m not sure wether I should throw up or just leave it and let my body decide if it wants to throw up. Do you have any advice?

    Dr. Sachin - May 4, 2016

    It is better to let your body decide. But if it persist for long time try visiting your physician for medicines.

Anip - June 28, 2016

It’s been days that’s Iam suffering from mucus problem. I can’t even breath because of that. And I can’t sleep at nights also. Wat is the best way to get rid of the as soon as possible??

Marie - July 15, 2016

I am 48 and have that 24 hour bug/virus that is going around in jersey. I have always feared vomiting and have always tried to avoid doing it, I’m very sick and tried the finger method, but it didn’t work and I’m to weak to go out and buy the ipecac. I’m too scared to drink salt water, (I may try the finger method again) so I plan to suffer thru, but I’m am gonna buy Ipecac and keep it in my closet.

Agnam - July 25, 2016

After a day of not having enough food, I too some rice and never took water and after that I Started experiencing excruciating pain in my upper abdomen. tried to take salty water to induce vomiting but it didn’t work. what should I do?

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