How to be in a good shape – Undercover methods of Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan has come a long way from the lanky Van Wilder to muscular Hal Jordan. In today’s article, we will borrow the experience of Ryan Reynolds – we will get to know his training program and nutrition plan.

Ryan Reynolds has probably the best body in Hollywood. Some attribute this to his genetics, others – to luck, and the rest – to the personal trainer. Ryan himself claims that anyone can achieve such a result. If you devote yourself to a good training program and follow a very strict diet, which is designed especially for you.


Ryan is naturally a very skinny guy and it is very difficult for him to gain a large number of muscles. Some people talk about use of HGH when it comes muscle building. It has been proves several times that HGH directly affects muscle growth ( source ). But Ryan Reynolds really has another methods.

For the filming of the movie “Blade 3” he had to gain almost 10 kilograms of muscles and at the same time to lose weight and lower the level of body fat from 11% to 3%.

It’s hard to believe, but he achieved these results quickly – just in five months. Having started training in July 2003, he was ready to shoot in January 2004 – now he was no longer a student, he became a brutal macho.

The diet of Ryan Reynolds

As Ryan acknowledged in an interview, he was eating every 2-3 hours during losing weight, he did not allow himself to be a little hungry, and he also drank a lot of water. Each portion was quite small.

It is also important that Ryan did not limit himself in carbohydrates, and eat them in right variations throughout the day, providing the desired energy level. In addition, he told honestly that building muscles are impossible without carbohydrates.

His menu

Breakfast: scrambled eggs (2 egg whites and a half of the yolk); a spoon of almond butter on a slice of avocado; a plate of oatmeal with applesauce (no sugar).

Breakfast With Srambled Eggs

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Morning snack: a protein bar. (Get the protein bar recipe)

Lunch: salad with chicken or a tuna salad.

Afternoon snack: a protein shake, a protein bar or an apple with almond.

Dinner: grilled fish or chicken, brown rice, vegetables or salad.

Evening snack: a protein shake.

Looking for weight loss?

Read how Carb Cycling method can help to lose weight


Every training lasted for about 2-3 hours, six days a week. He started with warming up and twisting, then trained with heavy weights. It is important that Ryan refused from cardio training – jogging or biking because they are not necessary when you are gaining muscles.

Every day he trained a certain group of muscles: chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs or the press. Ryan repeated each of the exercises 8-12 times.

How to build the press like Ryan Reynolds has?

The training for the bottom of the abdominal muscles is among the most complex, and many men dream of the so-called “zone of Adonis.” The main exercise that Ryan made was the rise of the feet ball up and down clamped between the knees.

In addition, he says, that the following exercise also works well: lying on your back on the floor, straighten up your legs with a dumbbell clamped between his legs (he did this exercise with a weight of 8 kg); holding a dumbbell, lift it up. Remember that the exercise without the weight is less effective.

The main advice that Ryan Reynolds gives is that you have to love what you are doing – or you may simply not go to the gym. The second important aspect is your food and diet, as it is much more difficult to get some results without them.

One of the most popular exercises for the muscles of the upper part of the press is twisting, and thanks to its widespread use, the majority of athletes have better developed upper cubes that participate in this exercise. Two other effective exercises for the upper part of the press are twisting on the block and twisting with the weight. It is important to perform these exercises with the weight, because without it, the effect is minimal.

The lower abdominal muscles are considered to be the most difficult to work out, and the two lower cubes appear last. The first thing that you need to work out is to learn to feel those muscles.

Among the exercises that can help are lifting the hips lying on the floor, twisting a ball, a bridge on one hand and twisting with your legs fixed. The main rule when performing these exercises is to repeat them slowly.

Correct and harmonious development of the lateral and lower abdominal muscles are responsible for the formation of the so-called V-shaped “Adonis Belt”, which is a dream of all those who are starting to build the press. But the same as with the lower cubes, it is not easy to get this belt.

Lateral twisting and turning with the ball – these are the exercise recommended for the beginners to work out the side press. The moving to the more advanced ones is recommended only after you have mastered these exercises.

Do you know that such basic exercises as squats and bench presses are excellent for the press too?

In addition to working on the development of the external muscles of the abdomen, it is also necessary to train the internal muscles too. These muscles are responsible for the flat shape of the stomach, and without them, the press has a “fall out” look.

Furthermore, your waist requires additional training, as it experiences excessive strain when you perform a series of exercises on the press. Be sure to add extension backward (hyperextension) exercises in your program.

How often should you train the press?

Train one press muscle group per workout (top, bottom, side, internal), performing two exercises in three or four sets and repeat this 12-17 times. The total time for such a training should not exceed ten minutes.

If you attach great importance to the press, train it before the main workout, and not after it, when you have no strength left. The second important piece of advice – sticks to the basic program, which ensures the growth of muscles.

In an effort to create a beautiful and flat press, do not forget that the relief press is primarily achieved with a low percentage of body fat. And the correct and balanced diet can help to burn fat more than the exercises.

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