How Much Nicotine is in a Cigarette?

Though many smokers do not care about how much nicotine is in a cigarette, some curious smoker tries to find an answer.

Since the market is full of a cigarette manufacturer, and each company have multiple product ranges. It gets difficult to tell the exact amount of nicotine that every tobacco product content.


Whatever it may be, every cigarette affects human being in a similar manner. It damages human lungs by producing tar, harmful chemicals and nicotine.

The Truth about Nicotine content

Though size and ingredient of every cigarette differ from company to company it is found that an average cigarette that sold in the USA contains approximately 9 to 9.5 mg of nicotine.

But a smoker never gets this amount of nicotine for every cigarette that he smokes.

In the process of smoking, every cigarette burns to produce smoke. This smoke is then inhaled to get nicotine. In the process of burning cigarette, almost 90 to 95% of nicotine get lost.

A smoker can only get less that 1 mg of nicotine for every cigarette that he smokes.

Cigarette contains more than 4ooo chemical compounds.  400 toxic substances and when hot smoke is inhaled, it enters the lungs & causes heat damage to lungs tissues.

Damage caused by smoking is influenced by –

1. A number of cigarettes smoked per day.

2. Whether the cigarette has filter or not.

3. How the tobacco within the cigarette has been prepared.

Once nicotine enters the system it takes some time to get out of human body.


As smoker gets only one milligram of nicotine for every cigarette he smokes, the significance of health hazards by nicotine typically reduced.

1 mg of nicotine is not sufficient amount to create permanent damage to human body. But it is not the only nicotine that we need to pay attention to, there are many other hazards chemicals & tar produced by burning tobacco which can lead to health issues.

Nicotine and other chemicals in the tobacco bound themselves to the tar which is present inside of cigarette smokes and enters in the lungs. 

Nicotine and other chemicals get absorbed within lungs and transported to blood vessels. Blood then carries these hazardous compound to other parts of the body including the brain.

Tissues of lungs do not absorb TAR. Neither it gets thrown away with expiration process. It remains in the lungs and keeps blocking respiratory system.

With repeated smoking, tar gets accumulated along the lining of lungs tissues and build up a very dangerous layer damaging lungs tissues permanently. 

This is the primary reason why every smoker has less stamina and become breathless immediately after slightest physical exertion.

Nicotine Time Line

Once nicotine enters in the bloodstream it reaches to the brain within few seconds & then carried to rest of central nervous system.

As nicotine is highly active chemical, it act on certain areas of brain and force the central nervous system to produce some neurotransmitters that cause euphoria like feelings.

Bad Effects Of Smoking Cigarette Image

Effects of nicotine on human body

Nicotine acts on physical as well as the mental level of human being.

When blood carries nicotine to brain from lungs; nicotine typically create a euphoria-like feeling which leads physical relaxation & mental calming effect for few minutes.

It takes five minutes to blood to carry nicotine through rest of central nervous system. Once nicotine get hold on the nervous system, calming & euphoria-like feeling get enhanced.

These effects remain for few minutes and starts to decline as nicotine level in the blood starts to fall down.

Once nicotine level becomes negligible body craves for more nicotine and the smoker gets an urge to smoke a cigarette.

Misconceptions about smoking & nicotine

There is no doubt that smoking causes ONLY HARM.

Thousands of studies and scientific publication throws light on every possible bad effect that smoking (ultimately nicotine & TAR) can cause.

Despite every possible effort taken by WHO, Governments, and healthcare industry to keep the smoker aware about grave diseases that only caused by smoking cigarettes; smokers keep this bad habit.

Warning about bad effects of nicotine

Apart from lung diseases, nicotine is well known to cause CANCER when taken in any form.

No matter how you ingest tobacco (nicotine), it increases chances of developing cancer in the person who have the habit of tobacco ingestion.

Smoking cigarette cause cancer of lips, mouth, throat & lungs. Cigarettes also cause destructive lungs disease like COPD.

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