How Long Does Nicotine Stay In Your System?

Wondering how long does it take your body to get rid of nicotine?

Question is difficult to answer, but it is observed that nicotine (or cotinine) can be traced in your system for almost more than a year. It also depend upon how much quantity of tobacco you chew or smoke everyday. The more you use tobacco the more time it will take to get out of your body.


Nicotine is one of the main ingredient of tobacco and highly addictive. So whenever you have a puff of cigarette or chew tobacco contained products, it enters in your system and makes you addictive to tobacco.

When any one chew tobacco or smoke a cigar nicotine enters in blood stream through liver and lungs where it gets converted into cotinine. [1]

Test Detectable Nicotine (Up to) Detectable Cotinine (Up to)
Blood 1 to 3 Days 1 to 10 Days
Urine 10 to 15 Day 15 Days
Saliva 2 to 4 Days 4 Days
Hair 1 Year 1 Year

So it is observed that nicotine and its metabolites takes approximately one year to thrown out of the body, provided that you should not be ingesting tobacco in any form through out this year.

Nicotine Addiction

Your Life On Cigaret

Nicotine addiction is one of the worst thing that one can have. Habit of chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes leads to nicotine addiction.

One cigarette contain approximately 9 mg of nicotine. Out of this 9 mg only less than 1 mg can able to get into body as cigarettes are burn and smoke is inhaled. So practically every smoker smokes almost 1 mg of nicotine with every cigarette.

This amount of nicotine ( 1mg) is sufficient for every human brain to get addicted to it. Once inhaled cigarette smoke; nicotine trigger production of DOPAMINE which is a neurotransmitter which cause euphoria.

Though it is found that 1mg of nicotine is not enough to produce any immediate harm to body & lungs. But when it pairs with TAR in the smoke of cigarettes, it become highly dangerous to lungs tissue.

Tar in the smoke carry nicotine (along with many other harmful chemicals in tobacco) to lungs tissues where it get absorbed in blood. Then it reaches to brain and central nervous system to cause euphoria like effect.

Main culprit of bad effects of cigarettes is TAR. It get stored in lungs and block lung tissues. Repeated exposure to tar  leads to permanent damage to lung tissues.

Though it takes so much time to expel these bad products from our body, when you quit tobacco in any form body immediately rewards you with best things.

Once you stop smoking your blood pressure & heart rate starts to drop within 20 minutes and normalize instantly. Carbon monoxide level of blood reduces significantly within 12 to 24 hrs.

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