Home remedies for Vomiting

Modern medicine is no more sophisticated than traditional remedies.

In fact, most medicines are just the mass production and convenient packaging of traditional cures.


For any ailment, professional help is going to diagnose the problem but it does not necessarily mean it will provide a cure better than traditional remedies.

NHS Direct, UK define vomiting as a common occurrence and can happen within any age group.

It is the body’s natural defence or reaction to some foreign body or disease invading the digestive system anywhere from the gut, stomach and up to the mouth.

It must never be suppressed as it could lead to internal damage.

Before embarking on any course of treatment you need to try and find out what caused the episode in the first place.

If it is self-medication then you need to check what you have eaten as it is usually a reaction to the food you have eaten.

It could of course be any other kind of ingestion (things swallowed or taken in orally) but it could also be a reaction to the environmental issues.

If it is to treat other people friends or family or even traditional practice you will need to do the same sort of investigation for self-medication to try and find the causes.

Initially, you might only be treating the symptoms.

The common causes of vomiting are:

  • Gastroenteritis which is caused by bacteria or a virus
  • Food poisoning from contaminated food
  • Other poisoning caused by accidental ingestion. This can be caused by poor hygiene like not washing hands, poor management of dangerous substances or cleaning fluids.
  • Drugs which can range from alcohol, nicotine and more serious banned substances.
  • Morning sickness in women is related to hormonal changes.
  • Babies tend to posit which means they regurgitate undigested milk.

Finally diet and over indulgence which is both a societal and seasonal problem can cause vomiting both by overloading the system and it just needs to get rid or it can cause inflammation of the digestive tract and nausea.

Here are few home remedies that may help you-


The most common thing to do when feeling ill and vomiting is to take plenty of fluids to replace those lost.

This is the most basic treatment. First take sips of water.

You have to be careful as large amounts can cause the stomach to throw it all back out as the amount going in cannot be processed by the rest of the organs.

If this is tolerated then basic electrolytes can be replaced.

Water Glass recommends a solution of salt and sugar. The ratio is a pinch of salt with about 10 times the amount of sugar to a litre of water.

Fruit juice or the syrup from canned fruit can be added as an alternative.

Gastroenteritis tends to have green vomit and other symptoms can be diarrhea so avoiding dairy products is a must and the hydration procedure above helps until the body has overcome the illness.

Mild poisoning can be treated by drinking water as it dilutes the incumbent and helps flush it out of the body.


Vomiting can be extremely strenuous so you need time to recover. Somewhere quiet away from bright lights.

Chamomile Tea

One of the side effects of vomiting is headaches caused by dehydration.

Chamomile tea contains strong antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that will alleviate both the stomach cramps and headaches.

Chamomile Tea recommends 2 cups a day one in the morning and the other in the evening.

It can cause drowsiness and is not recommended for pregnant women.


One of the side effects of being sick is the smell and the nasty after taste.

Both can cause vomiting to keep happening just by association.

Vinegar added to water is used as a mouthwash and removes the bacteria in the mouth and thus the taste.

Vinegar or sour wine contains alcohol found in branded mouth wastes.

To add a more palatable taste mint can be added to the vinegar but has to be in small quantities as too much can inflame the upper digestive tubes.

Apple cider Vinegar

This can be drunk either as it comes or diluted depending on tolerance to taste.

It has been seen as reducing starch digestion in the wrong part of the digestive process and allowing the starch to travel to the intestines and keep the bacteria in their healthy.

Part of an upset stomach and subsequent vomiting can just be an imbalance of the bodily bacteria.

The wrong foods causing inflammation, like too much sugar, can affect the sphincters, so they do not open and close in the correct sequence.

The bacteria can then spread to another part of the digestive mechanism where they are no longer safe and reactions happen.

Ginger relates that ginger has been used since ancient times as an anti-inflammatory.

It can be chewed from the root or drank as tea and is popular as ginger ale.

Gigner Root

It can be used for travel sickness and the linked nausea or vomiting but might be more of a placebo i.e. believed in rather than any actual powers. It also work as an effective sour stomach remedy.

It can also be effective in treating morning sickness if used over short periods of about 4 days or less (

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice helps the liver function thus allowing alimentary canal function.

If the system works ok then small blockage or dysfunctions will not happen.

It is also high in vitamin C and potassium. It functions by loosening up and clearing toxins in the organs and deeper tissues of internal organs.

Honey and Lemon Jar

Mixed with honey, it acts in a slower release way. If the vomiting is caused by acid reflux, where, chemicals react in the stomach to force fluids back up towards the mouth the alkaline (opposite to acid) neutralises the reaction.

If you are planning to add natural remedies for vomiting & nausea to your arsenal it will bring up a whole host of options.

You need to look through them carefully. Some have negative effects as they are more for the bowel lower down in the body so might not be suitable here.

Also you need to then search again to see what they actually do as a cure

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