Home Remedies For Itchy Eyes

With increased air pollution; itchy eyes is become a common health problem among the people. Number of cases has been recorded during allergic season as well as in highly polluted area. Chemical factories, smoke from vehicles are few of major causes of itchy eyes.

Itchy eyes can be explained simply as having unpleasant sensation around eye that cause itch and redness of eyes. It can get worse if we keep rubbing or eyes.


Though most of time itchy eyes are self limiting symptom; some time it may be associates with underlying disorder if eye so if itching persistent for long time it is better to seek medical help. Your physician will find out exact cause behind itching and will treat it accordingly.

For instant relief of itching you can try following natural home remedies which is easily available in every kitchen and can provide soothing effect.
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1. Cold Compress

Easy, Harmless way to combat itching of eye. Cold compresses can give immediate relief from itching when applied around the eye. Easiest way to apply cold compresses in itchy eye is to soak a clean, sterile piece of cloth in cold water and apply it to an affected eye. You can simple place this soaked cloth with cold water on eye and leave it there for few minutes. Remove it once become warm and repeat the process multiple times in a day.

Many people use chamomile tea bag for cold compression of eyes and got good results.

To use it as cold compresses you need to keep chamomile tea bag in refrigerator for 30 to 50 minutes, so it will become cool.

Once tea bag become cool; hold it on itchy eye for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Do not hold it for too long as extreme coldness may hurt your eyes.

Repeat this procedures couple of times in a day to get maximum benefits.

2. Cucumber

Cucumber slices can also help your eyes to reduce itching. Cucumber have great anti-oxident properties which help to reduce irritation.

To use cucumber as a home remedy for irritation of eyes, get a clean cucumber or wash it thoroughly & cut it into thin sized slices. Keep these slices in refrigerator for half hour and once become cool, place it on itchy eye for about 8 to 10 minutes.

To get positive results repeat this procedure 4 to 6 times a day.

3. Cold Milk

Second most popular home remedy for itchy eyes after cold compresses.

To use milk for irritation of eyes take a sterile cotton ball and soak it in cold milk. Gently rub this cotton ball along the eye lids of affected eye. make sure your eyes are close. Don’t worry if a drop of milk gets into eye. It will give you soothing effect.

You also hold this milk soaked cotton ball on an affected eye. It will work as cold compresses. Repeat this procedure two to three times a day.

4. Rosewater

Another home remedy that provides soothing effect on eye irritation. It can also helpful to cool down itchy eye.

Once can use it to clean eye and wash eyes with pure rosewater 2 times a day or it can be used like a eye drops.

Put 2 to 3 drops of pure rosewater into itchy eye to get instant cooling effect.

5. Salt Water

Salt water is known for its anti-bacterial properties. For better results one can use SALINE available in pharmacy as it is a sterile solution. If you do not want to use saline, boil a cup of water and add half tablespoon of salt. Allow this solution to cool down; once salt water become lukewarm you can use it by soaking a sterile cotton ball & applying it on affected eye. Repeat this procedure for 3 to 4 hours with interval of 30 of to 40 minutes. Once completed wash your eyes with plain water.

6. Green Tea

Green tea have multiple health benefits as well as can help reduce redness and irritation of eyes. Anti-inflammatory properties of green tea reduce swelling and redness of eyes & gives soothing effect.

Boil a green tea bag in a 150 ml of distilled water. Once boiled thoroughly; let it cool down properly.

Once solution become cold, use it to flush the affected eyes 3 to 4 times a day.

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera have abundant of health properties that help to combat many skin disorder. It is also helpful in red & sore eye.

Get aloe vera gel from market. Check for its expiry date to ensure you are using right one. Mix this gel with 1 tsp of honey & 1 cup of elderberry blossom tea. Mix this solution properly.

Rinse the affected eyes minimum two to three times in a day. Repeat the procedure for couple of days.

8. Potatoes

Potatoes can also be used as home remedy for red and inflamed eyes. Potato got an astringent properties which help to reduce inflammation as well as redness of affected eye.

Take a raw potato and wash it with clean water and cut it into small slices. Keep these slices in refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Apply these cool slices over affected eye before going to bed and wait for 15 to 20 minutes after which wash your eyes with clean water.

Repeat the procedure on 2nd as well 3rd day.

9. Fenugreek

Fenugreek might be available in your kitchen and can provide quick relief from itchy eyes.

Boil a cup of water and let it cool. Add few fenugreek seeds in this boiled & cool water. Once these seeds soak for 8 hours, make a fine paste.

Apply this paste gently over affected eye and wash off after 15 minutes.

Do this procedure minimum once a day till you get relief.

10. Take Rest

Try to stay in home when you get itchy eyes. It will prevent your eyes from getting exposed to pollution. Make sure you have clean floors, pillows and bedshits, avoid getting exposed to dust mites.

Do not rub your eyes. It will increase suffering.

11. Juices

Vegetable juices are the most nutritious thing to have for any age group. It provides multiple vitamins, anti-oxident, fibers and boost immunity. Ideally; once you get redness of eyes vegetable juice will not able to help you directly but having a glass of juice is a healthy habit.

These are few home remedies that can help you out to get quick relief from itchy, red and inflamed eyes.
Before using any remedy from this list make sure that you are not allergic to it. Even after application of these remedies redness and itching of eye persist; contact your ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

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