HGH Therapy – Does It Really Works as Anti-Aging?


A person should not look to or expect HGH therapy to turn back the clock or stop the body from aging. The biological clock merely means the number of days that a person has lived – nothing more and nothing less.


The purpose of HGH injections is not to make one younger – it is to restore bodily functions that have taken away the ability for the body itself to maintain a healthy vitality. If you give the body what it needs to thrive – it will!

That is what human growth hormone therapy is all about.

Part of the reason people age is that vital hormones in the body experience a decrease in production in later years of life. Unfortunately, what was considered later 100 years ago is not the same thing as today, although the body still starts to reduce hormone production at roughly the same time.

Yes, as early as the age of thirty a person may start to see a decrease in the amount of growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland.

HGH has been said to make a person look and feel younger. There is no denying this is true, although it is not anti-aging. HGH restores the crucial cellular regeneration that improves collagen and skin cell production. This equates to firmer, thicker, smoother skin.

Improved metabolic functions allow for the burning of fat as additional energy. Renewed vitality can give the impression of youth.

What does anti-aging mean? Anti means against or opposite, so this would make the definition of anti-aging against getting older. The only thing that does that is death – and that is certainly not what we are discussing. It is impossible to stop time.

The world turns, day turns into night, and another 24-hour cycle comes and goes. The passing of years does not have to send the body into a downward spiral, and that is what is meant today by the phrase anti-aging. Yes, HGH therapy does seem to have anti-aging effects, but it will not stop a person from getting older.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone is the biologically identical version of a chemical in the body known as somatotropin (growth hormone). Somatropin production and secretion take place in the anterior portion of the pituitary gland where cells known as somatotrophs manufacture this hormone.

Human growth hormone, also called HGH, is used when the body is not producing enough somatotropin for its needs. The doctor – ideally a hormone replacement therapy specialist – will determine just how much HGH each person needs to return his or her body back to a state of balance. Once this balance is achieved, positive changes will be seen.

HGH therapy is a safe treatment when prescribed for the right reasons – to counteract growth hormone deficiency. It should always come from licensed US pharmacies to avoid receipt of counterfeit or illegal medications.

HGH Works As an Anti-Aging Therapy

Viewing HGH as an anti-aging therapy is not entirely wrong when held in the proper regard. Its use can reverse the effects of aging that growth hormone deficiency has caused.

A person who does not have a growth hormone deficiency will not reap any benefits of using HGH injections.

The first way that HGH rejuvenates the body is in the area of cellular regeneration. Cells are the building blocks of life. They make up the blood, muscles, bones, hair, skin, tissues, internal organs – in other words, every part of the body.

Growth hormone and its corresponding hormone – insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1 is secreted by the liver based on how much GH that organ receives) – work together by IGF- 1 stimulating the effects of growth hormone on the body.

A decline in new cells will cause the skin to dry out, become thin, and lose its elasticity. Hair will turn gray, become thinner, and fall out. Muscles will lose their integrity and bones will become weaker. Internal organs will not maintain their size and support, causing breakdown throughout the body.

What we just saw was the effect of decreased cellular regeneration on the body. HGH therapy will improve cell reproduction that will benefit all of these areas.

As per the  HGH can also helps to revitalize libido and sexual performance, energy, endurance, mood, vitality, and passion.

We now see that a person is going to look younger and feel better than he or she has for quite some time. This is where the anti-aging effect of HGH therapy comes into being. Although an individual is still getting older, it may feel as though the opposite is occurring because the body now has the tools to perform as it should.

Growth hormone receptor cells in the brain keep memory, learning, and brain functions performing at their best. Forgetfulness and foggy-headedness are often signs of GH deficiency. These issues are easily reversed with HGH therapy.

In short, while HGH therapy will not stop time, or make a person biologically younger, it can have rejuvenating, anti-aging effects on the body.

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