Meet the Heaviest Daughter of India – Who Sets New World Record On Her Birth.

Setting a world record is dream for lot of people but how cool is it to set a world record by just taking your very first breath.

Yes, it happened in India.


Nandini a 19 year old mother from Karnataka gave birth to a baby girl that weigh 6.8 kg which itself a world record for ‘Heaviest born baby in the world’.

This unnamed baby girl is born on 23rd of May by Cesarean section and weigh almost 6.8kg during the time of
her birth.

This came as big surprise for medics and both families, her mother Nandini is 19 year old and weigh 94Kg & 5’9″ tall. Nandini has been tested for high sugar levels & doctors found that she is not suffering from diabetes which is a common cause for weight gain in the babies to be born.

Heaiviest Baby Born In India And Her Mother

Dr. Poornima Manu, a gynacologist who delivered baby told Daily mail that

She came as a big surprise for all of us. The surgery took place for nearly half an hour and it was free of any risk. She is really big and beautiful. She does not have any health issues like irregular sugar levels or thyroid and is breathing well. We were initially concerned about her sugar levels but that is normal. The mother had made regular visits for check-ups at the hospital and never showed signs of gestational diabetes or thyroid disorders. Both the mother and the child are doing fine and we will discharge them once we are confident of the baby’s health.”

Though baby is perfectly fine and healthy doctor kept her in NICU to monitor her growth before they discharge her.

News Source & Images – Daily Mail Online

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