Best Gluten Free Chinese Food

A special type of protein that found in wheat, barley, rye and few other grains is known as Gluten.

Gluten act as glue and helps food to maintain their shape and also nourishes embryo of plant during the period of germination. It also plays role dough elasticity which further affects chewiness of baked product that are made up from wheat.


Gliadine (also known as prolamin protein) and Glutenin (also known as Glutelin protein) are two type of proteins that together forms Gluten.

Why Gluten termed as bad protein?

Generally gluten is not a bad protein but some people can be gluten intolerant. In gluten-intolerant people, body triggers abnormal immune response on ingestion of gluten based products.

Celiac disease is one of such disease that leads to damage of intestinal lining when patient of celiac disease consume gluten mix food products. For such people it is better to avoid food that contain gluten. Many restaurants now have separate menu for gluten intolerant people and they are popularly known as gluten free food.

Gluten Free Chinese Food


1. Rice Recipes

Rice is complete gluten free grain that can be consumed at any restaurant. As most of Chinese recipe demands, you can use steamed rice for Chinese rice recipes.

Steamed rice is low in fat as well provide less calorie. Brown rice is another type of rice which is rich in fibers and provide great taste. Veg or non-veg fried rice is one of the popular Chinese recipe.

Fried rice with gluten free soy sauce, Steamed shrimp or chicken also becomes part of gluten free menu in Chinese restaurant. But before you order it is better let you know them that you are looking for gluten free dishes and soy-sauce.

2. Steamed Meat

Fried or breaded meat is one of the common characteristic of Chinese recipes. Both way of cooking meat can add some gluten to recipe and does not make a good choice for patient with Celiac disease.

Steamed meat like chicken or shrimps makes good option for Celiac patient. But before you feast on steamed meat do not forget to ask whether meat was marinated with some sort of marinades or not. Some marinades contain gluten and must be avoided. One can order steamed rice, vegetables with sauteed meat.

3. Gluten Free Noodles

Noodles made from rice can be termed as gluten free noodles as the does not contain gluten protein.

Glass noodles also known as cellophane noodles falls in gluten free category and made from starch & water. If Chinese noodles is your favorite dish then you can opt for these noodles.

4. Steamed Vegetables

As we discussed above wheat and other few grain contain gluten but not vegetables. Vegetables are gluten free food. But if you opt for fried vegetable they may contain small amount of gluten as wheat floor or bread crumbs might be used in the breeding process of fried vegetables.

Buddha’s feast is one of the popular gluten free Chinese recipe, you can order any time. This recipe incorporates steamed rice along with steamed vegetables.

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