Top 10 Foods To Eat For a Flat Stomach

Eating is our daily need but for obese people it becomes a subject to worry about. Many of you like me; might be tired only because of Obesity & not knowing what to eat and what to avoid.

Being a doctor I gone through books & had discussion with my dietician friends; which help me to find out proper diet to get flat stomach.


Only proper Exercise will not help you but you should be on diet rich in Proteins, Soluble dietary fibers and enough water consumption. Exercise with these diet help you to burn some fat.

What should I eat to Burn Fat?

This is the most common question that arise in mind when it comes to loose some weight.

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Here are some food items that will help you-

1) Water- Many of you might be surprised that how can water will help to lose weight? Drinking enough Hydratious water you will help your body to detoxify! Drink 1 to 2 glass of hydratious water 15 minute before meal, it will reduce your appetite. Water useful to remove toxic substance from cell.

2) Eggs- Eggs are high in Proteins, Amino-acids, and Vitamins & also provide Minerals. Eggs also contain cholesterol & it found in egg yolk, so better to avoid egg yolk and to eat only White part of egg.

Eggs Sandwitch

Egg white consist water (approx. 87%) & proteins (approx. 17%). Recent study shows that consuming eggs does not increase in serum cholesterol level as well as it do contain B12 vitamin which will also helpful for human body to shed off little fat cells.

3) Low Fat Dairy Product- You can add Low-Fat Milk (Skimmed milk) in your daily meal. Long term use of low-fat milk will help you avoid weight gain:-)

Low fat dairy product is skimmed milk, low fat ice-cream, frozen low-fat yogurt. Consumption of low-fat milk also reduces risk of Hypertension by reducing the chances of dyslipidemia.

4) Beans- Beans are loaded with nutrients. And excellent source of Proteins, Fibers, Vitamins, beans does not contain saturated fats or cholesterol. Recent study shows that beans are useful to reduce heart diseases and also reduce chances of cancer.

Only thing that people don’t like about beans is that they causes gastro-intestinal troubles and may produce abdominal gas. My advice is to reduce the fried and baked beans and to increase consumption of boiled beans as fried and baked bean contains sugar as well as tons of saturated fats, which will put a person on weight.

5) Whole Grains- Whole grains like Brown rice, Millet, Popcorn and whole wheat are also good source of carbohydrate and low in fats. Most important factor of whole grain is they contain ‘Natural Fibers’ of vegetable origin, which keeps our stomach full for long time and also useful to reduce the constipation.

6) Oatmeal- is another popular food product that raising his head now days and it is definitely beneficial to loose some weight as it contain much more soluble fibers which helps human body to reduce cholesterol level. Only thing one need to keep in mind while eating oatmeal don’t add sugar to make it sweet as it will be useless and not going to help to burn fat.

7) Green Tea- Help to reduce weight by simply ‘Increasing metabolic rate’ of human body. It contains many anti-oxidants like poly-phenol, which may help to prevent cancer.

8) Increse Fibers  – Food which is rich in fiber help induce digestion and clean your guts. It also fill your stomach with low calorie food products and help you reduce weight.

Fibers get digested slowely in the system and known to reduce cholesterol levels as well as regulate bowel habits.

9) Eat Proteins & Avoid Sugar – Protein is the most important factor that you should include in your diet to reduce fats and build muscles. Protein is known to breakdown fat cells.

Avoid sugar as it will increase your calorie intake. avoid sweet, cokes, candies, cakes and chocolates as much as you can.

10) Take Salad and Fruits – Take carrot, cucumber, beetroot, cabbage and chopp them in small pieces and wat these raw salad with food. This will fill your stomach easily. Cabbage will proide fibers while beetroot, cucumber and carrot will give you vitamins and other nutrition.

Apart from all this regular sleep is also an important factor to keep you fit and healthy, every person need average 7 to 8 hours sleep per day.


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