Celebrities With Acne – Popular Celebrities Got Acne Too!

Most of us forced to believe that celebrities have most beautiful look and have a perfect skin without any scar or acne.

And we do believe this. Simply because we see their flawless skin on screen. It seems a perfect beauty. It looks like they get clear and perfect skin only because they can able to use highly expensive skin treatment as well as facials. So all celebrity got clear and flawless skin. Is this true?


Think again; it might be just an illusion. After all celebrities are human too and they face the same health problem that other face. So acne is not something that only common people get even Celebrities also get acne and have been spotted even after having their makeup on!

If you are worried about acne and feeling low then you dont have to, because you are not alone to have acne even celebrity got this trait.

Here is few celebrities that got acne –

Cameron Diaz 

02 Celebrities With Acne Cameron Diaz


Britney Spears


01 Celebrities With Acne Britny Spears

Alicia Keys

04 Celebrities With Acne Alicia Keys

Jessica Alba

05 Celebrities With Acne Jessica Alba

Kate Moss

06 Celebrities With Acne Kate Moss

Miely Cirus

07 Celebrities With Acne Miely Cirus


08 Celebrities With Acne Rihana

Victoria Beckham

09 Celebrities With Acne Victoria Beckham

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