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Lemon Water Detox – Health Benefits Of Lemon Water Detox Diet

1. It aids digestion. Drinking lemon juice with warm water enhances digestion. Lemon water has multiple vitamins & trace elements that stimulates the liver to create bile and boost other digestive enzyme production. This effect leads to improved digestion and reduces gastritis, bloating, and belching. 2. Act as diuretic. Lemon juice enhances function of kidneys […]

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Amazing Orange Juice Recipe To Detox Your Body

Orange is one of the best and rich sources of  vitamin C as well as fibers and can help detox your body. You can also add them to detox water. Orange can provide you with the abundance of Vit. C, Fibers, Vit. B1 and Potassium. This all nutrient combined together can trigger your general health. […]

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Top 10 Foods To Eat For a Flat Stomach

Eating is our daily need but for obese people it becomes a subject to worry about. Many of you like me; might be tired only because of Obesity & not knowing what to eat and what to avoid. Being a doctor I gone through books & had discussion with my dietician friends; which help me […]

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