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HGH Therapy – Does It Really Works as Anti-Aging?

  A person should not look to or expect HGH therapy to turn back the clock or stop the body from aging. The biological clock merely means the number of days that a person has lived – nothing more and nothing less. The purpose of HGH injections is not to make one younger – it is […]

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Does Masturbation Cause Acne?

Seems like every teenager is obsessed with this question. Is there any relation between these two things? Masturbation lovers, you can rejoice 🙂 There is no any evidence based study, that shows any correlation between acne and masturbation. Especially teenagers are more prone to get acne because of the hormonal changes that happening in their […]

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Awesome Health Benefits Of Thinking Positive

With an abundance of negative things happening around, it becomes difficult to keep yourself positive. But it is an open secret that staying happy and thinking positive can always reward you with great health benefits & medical science do supports this. Plenty of research has been done that proves that positive thinking can bring positive […]

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Benefits Of Using Onion Juice For Hair & general Health

Onions are the world’s most popular and versatile vegetables. It is found in a wide variety of recipes and preparations, including salads, gravies, and carries. It has also been used in traditional medicine for many centuries because of their promising health benefits as well as curative properties. The sharp, pungent smell of onion is associated […]

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Forehead Acne – Causes, Treatment & Home Remedies

So, you see a zit right above your nose bridge, on the center of your forehead. It’s screaming for attention, along with the many other pimples. This is forehead acne, a skin problem faced by lots of people. There are three types of people suffering from this condition, there are the sufferers looking for a […]

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How To Get Rid Of Pimples Fast & Naturally

Whatever reason it may be, having pimples (also known as acne or zits) on the face doesn’t look good. The situation become worse when you realize that you got a pimple on a face and have to attend a fashion show, college, family function or even have to go for a date by next morning. […]

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