Carb Cycling: Complete Carb Cycling Guide To Lose Weight

Carb cycling is a way of dieting with specially designed meal plan to lose weight.

Wonder how it help to lose weight?


What actually involved in carb cycling diet?

Before you start carb cycling diet; understand the basics about our body nutrition and how it spend energy.

Introduction to Human Body Nutrition & Energy Expenditure

Human body demands energy for every activity,  the amount of energy depends upon the type of activities & its duration we perform.

We know that energy is measured in calories and our body obtain this energy either from energy stores within body or from the food that we eat every day. Food is converted into different forms within our body and then utilised as energy sources. Carbohydrates are converted into Glycogen. Glycogen is primary sources of fuel from which our muscles and other body tissues including central nervous system obtain energy.

For healthy body and healthy living; every human being should eat a complete diet. That means we must include proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats, fibres, and vitamins in our diet. The healthier we eat; healthier we will become. Somebody correctly said that ‘You are what you EAT’. Eating lots of processed junk food everyday results in unhealthy state of body and end up putting lots fats on belly.

Since last few years ‘Obesity’ is become primary health problem in many developed as well as developing countries. It is an end product of our busy, stressful lifestyle which is also associated with eating wrong things at wrong time and spending less time doing exercise.

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Many people start dieting to lose weight as well as to get rid of belly fat but they find it hard to keep going only because an excess fats in body require lot of exercise to burn it as well as we should maintain proper healthy diet to avoid further accumulation of fats. The things get even worse when we are real fond of carbohydrates, bakery products and many other food products that put us on weight.

Since many years; science of medicine asked us to avoid fatty food products and to reduce the quantity of carbohydrates in our diet in the view of losing weight. But recent study shows that rotating carbs with other healthy food can help human body to increase metabolism rate which ends up burning more fats.

If you are like me who are real fond of carbohydrates and still looking for a perfect solution which will help you to achieve some weight loss while enjoying the carbs then the ‘carb cycling’ is the way to go.


What Is Carb Cycling?

Carb Cycling is a pure science to lose weight by forcing body to burn more fat than normal speed by rotating carbohydrate intake in our food. Here word CARB is referred to CARBOHYDRATES, so the cycling of carbohydrate levels in food (with other food items) is termed as carb cycling.

Carb cycling diet involves the days in a week where you rotate the levels of carbohydrate intake. For few days in a week you eat lots of carbohydrate while for few days you eat less carbohydrates. The idea of doing this carb cycling is to increase metabolic rate. Carb cycling never gives enough time to the human body to get adapted to the regular intake levels of carbohydrates (note that we are not eating the same level of carbohydrates every day for long time) & therefore body cannot able to set a fix level of fat burning which ends up increasing metabolism of body.

Carb cycling is more useful for the ENDOMORPH type personalities. Endomorph is type of human body which is sensitive to carbohydrates as well as has slow metabolism, stocky build, broad shoulders, and low centre of gravity. Endomorphs can gain muscle & fats easily. Though this kind of diet is useful to endomorphs it can be practised by other people too.

Please note that the rate of metabolism in human body is directly proportional to fat burning. So more the metabolism; more will be fat loss. Slow metabolism reduces fat burning process.

Carb cycling is also known as ‘Cyclic Ketogenic Diet’. As discussed earlier, this diet includes intermittently eating of low to moderate to high levels of carbohydrates. Because of its ability to increase weight loss by burning excessive fats from body while allowing a person to undergo intensive physical workout (which help them to increase muscle mass), this diet is getting popular across the globe mostly among the athletes as well as professional bodybuilders.

In short carb cycling involves rotating low carb, moderate carb & high carb days while eating high proteins throughout the week. It is also ask to keep your fat intake inversely proportional with your carb intake. When you are on high carb day you will eat less fat; while you will eat more fats when you will be on low carb day.

The cycle typically looks like this –

  • 2 to 3 days of a week you eat high carbohydrates, high proteins and low fat diet.
  • Next 2 to 3 days you will be eating high fats, high protein and low carbohydrate diet.
  • Next 2 to 3 days you will eat NO CARB diet and high protein and fat diet.

These variations in carbohydrates in our diet along with proper exercise triggers fat burning process in body and help individuals to lose weight. Like all other diet programs that help us to lose weight Carb Cycling diet also require discipline about our eating habits, it require to keep track of how many calories we are consuming & burning every day.

In early days when carb cycling diet was introduced, many people thought that this is one more fad diet that being advertised by fitness experts. But over the period it has been observed that carb cycling helps individuals to lose weight easily while allowing them to do intense workout during the high carb days in diet cycle. Though it is one of the easy to practise method for losing fats, one must bear in mind that it is mandatory to do workout for burning more calories as well as to get the fast results. Regular exercise will also help you to gain muscles & keep healthy.

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