Best Roach Killer – How To Kill & Get Rid Of Roaches

Are you one who is frustrated with cockroach infestation?

Well, then we got some interesting ideas that actually helps to get rid of cockroaches easily.


When we say EASILY we know that removing roaches from home is a mammoth task. It takes well planning, patience, right remedy and perseverance.

Having roaches in home or kitchen is the really annoying thing to happen as they can fist on our food, wallpapers, magazines, leave unpleasant odor and reproduce themselves rapidly. Roaches are well known to survive through extreme condition and even direct radiation, so it become really hard to destroy them completely from your living area.

But a couple of product in the market and right planning can make this possible and there are certain hopes to kill roaches completely.

Before we head to see how we can kill cockroaches, we need to understand the life cycle of roaches, how they live and what they eat. Some easy changes in our habits, homes and with the right product we can kill cockroaches within few days.

4500 species of cockroaches are found on earth planet and only 5 to 10 of them are real pests to humans. They can eat almost anything. They can eat food particles in the kitchen, glue, wallpaper, hair, decaying matter etc.

To kill roaches, we need to plan our strategy based on following four points –

  • Inspection
  • Identification
  • Diagnosis
  • Prescription

If we perform all the steps properly and do what it takes then killing roaches is an easy process.


The very first step of getting rid of roaches is to thoroughly inspect the home, kitchen, garden and complete premises of your home. Try to locate the NEST. Most of the time it is really difficult to locate it but if we able to find their nest it become child’s play to kill them.

If they are in your kitchen then try to find where they are coming & where they hide.


This step is actually applied if you don’t know your pest. But here we are talking about roaches.

Still it is better if you could able to identify the type of roaches in your home.


Try to find out the severity of roach infestation. Are they just entered your home or living since a long time? What is the thing that attracted them to your house?

Are you leaving food particles on the dining table? Or you leaving your food products open for a long time? What can we do to avoid them entering our home? Or how exactly we can kill them?

Get the answer for above question and you are good to go.


Here is where final conclusion comes in. You need to decide on what you are gonna use to kill them.

This is actually a daunting process to find out what exactly works to get rid of roaches. We have spent months to figure out the right product that actually works. We try home made recipes to kill them while brought expensive products, poisons from products & found that very few brings a positive result.

How To Get Rid of Roaches

There are few basic thing we need to practice to get rid of roaches.

1. De-cluttering
2. Starving Them
3. Keeping Clean
4. Use Roach Killer

Declutter PapersDe-cluttering the home

De-cluttering is essential. we need to remove useless & unwanted items from our house. Stacks of old newspapers, magazines,  tins, & cardboard etc.

Removing this thing will be the first stepping stone towards reducing the number of roaches and avoiding them to grow in house. It is believed that female roaches leave pheromones to attract male partners & paper can hold this pheromone for the long time. Recently scientist becomes successful to make this pheromone in lab to attract male roaches [1]

Starving The Roaches

Roaches thrive on left over food particles in the kitchen.

Cockroach Eaating FoodThe ability of practically eating anything works in their favor to live long and to survive through any circumstances.

They can eat papers, food particles, hairs, glue etc. So not giving them food is one of the ways to avoid them entering in your home. If you leave food particles lying on the floor of kitchen; they will come.

Keep dry food items in sealed jar and avoid leaving food particles on table and floor. Rinse all food container thoroughly and keep them clean.

Paint wooden tables & shelves properly to keep them sealed. Clean them on a regular basis.

Keeping House Clean

keep house clean

Image – Busy Mom Help

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors to keep roaches away for home.

The more clean your home the fewer chances of the roach infestation. Roaches always feast of grease, uncleaned food plates, hairs etc. By keeping your home clean, you reduce chances of providing food to them.

Check out your drainage system, if you found any leak call your plumber and fix it. Roaches can live for a month without food but not without water. without water they can only able to live for a week and if not able to find water source they will die.

Clean and mop your floor every day. Take out your trash on a regular basis. Use a trash can with a lid instead of open.

Use Roach Killer

After completing the three steps mentioned above, you need to use the roach killer.

There are many roach killers available in the market and you can even make them in a home. But the most important things is to pick the right one that actually works.

It’s an exhausting process to find the best roach killer product as  roaches keep coming back but don’t worry we have done heavy lifting and found few products that work best.

The method of killing roaches are divided in two type – First which works and second that do not work or partially work.

It is important to note that once you kill them, there are absolutely equal chances that roaches will come back again. So do not rest, keep your home clean and keep killing them until they leave your area. Find out the NEST and destroy it.

NEST is the most important place to get rid of roaches permanently. But finding a nest is the most exhausting process because they build it in cracks of wall & floor. So it is important that roaches should carry the roach killer to their nest, so all other roaches should eat and die.

Things That Really Works to Kill Roaches


The most useful method to kill roaches and will work definitely. The only downfall of this method is highly expensive. Exterminators are experienced person or business that help to get rid of insects, roaches, and many other pests. They use controlled application of poison to kill roaches. Most of the time exterminators succeed to destroy NEST of roaches.

This method can cost you $100 to $300.

Poisonous Roach Baits

One of the best idea to kill roaches completely. With proper planning, one can even able to destroy the nest.

Poisonous roach baits are really cheap than all other methods, so we can use it as many times as we can till they vanish from home.

Adhesive Based Roach Traps

As the name suggest, it helps to stick roaches. They attract to this trap and get themselves stuck with an adhesive base.

This also works well to trap a single cockroach but this method does not destroy the nest and root problem remain unsolved.

Things That Do Not Works to Kill Cockroaches 

Herbal leaves, Cucumber Peels, Soap water and citrus liquid does not help.

Cockroaches are immune to these things and keep coming back. Some people may find citrus liquids working for them but trust us they will come back.

How To Use Poisonous Roach Baits to Kill cockroaches Completely (Step by Step)

We highly recommend using Advion Roach Bait to get rid of cockroaches completely. It works like a magic stick to killing cockroaches. With Advion, you might be able to infect nest.

Advion consists ‘Indoxacarb’, a toxic insecticide as an active ingredient. It remains active inside the body of cockroach and kill them in a couple of hours.

Precautions you need to take before you apply poisonous baits –

Poisonous baits are toxic to human and pets. So make sure to keep your children & pets away from these baits. Children & pets may lick off the applied bait which can be dangerous to their health.

Keep your food in a sealed container where roaches will not be able to reach.

How to apply

Located the area of the house where roaches like to hang out. Usually, cockroaches found in the kitchen, so first look in your kitchen. Apply 5 to 6 generous spot of poison bait across the room and leave it for a night. Also, apply on the floor.

Observe the site in the morning to locate dead cockroach. You will find a number of dead cockroaches in kitchen or many other places of your home. Their number depends upon the severity of infestation.

Throw away these dead cockroaches and repeat the procedure of applying poisonous bait for a week.

You will find that the number of dead cockroaches that you get every morning will decrease eventually (which is a good sign). Once you are sure that all cockroaches are dead; stop using bait.

Keep your home clean to avoid their recurrence.

Which poison bait is best to kill roaches?

The most useful product that help to eliminate roaches is Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait. It is a cheap and effective product that will only cost you $20 to $30.

Its a magic bait that kills roaches instantly and have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon & many other e-commerce site.

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