Awesome Health Benefits Of Thinking Positive

With an abundance of negative things happening around, it becomes difficult to keep yourself positive. But it is an open secret that staying happy and thinking positive can always reward you with great health benefits & medical science do supports this.

Plenty of research has been done that proves that positive thinking can bring positive changes in mental, emotional and physical health.


Here are few awesome health benefits that positive thinking bring to you –

1. Increase Life Expectancy

Everybody want to live longer and healthy. And this is the most valuable benefit of staying positive.

It is found that people who have a positive attitude towards life can reach their goal easily, find what they want and stay happy.

Happy people live longer.

2. Increase Immunity

Increase Immunity Reduce Cold

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People who think positive are more optimistic in their life.

Optimistic people think about the positive outcome of everything in their life.

It is proved that negativity can hamper your mood and immunity while optimistic attitude brings you stress-free life increasing your immunity. (Source – NIH)

Increased immunity reduces the chances of catching a common cold.

3. Reduce Cholesterol

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Everyone knows that increased cholesterol can lead to heart problems.

Regular exercise with healthy & fiber rich diet may help to lower the level of bad cholesterol in our body.

But barely anyone knows that being optimistic can also help to keep your cholesterol on the lower side.

Harvard school of public health found that people with an optimistic look on their life have a high level of ‘Good’ cholesterol. (Source- AJOC)

It is always better to have a healthy diet and some sort of exercise like walking, running or cycling. Also, try to spend time with family, read books or go out with friends for a movie.  Find out what make you happy and do it every day.

Find out what make you happy and devote some time to perform that task. Doing what you love is a great thing and it will help you to relax your mind & body.

4. Lowers the mortality risk by cardiovascular diseases.

Heart Care For Coronary Diseases

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As we already studied that being optimistic can help to lower bad cholesterol, it is found that it also lowers the risk of death by cardiac diseases.

According to a study published in the journal of Americal Heart Association, optimists, and happy people are less likely to get coronary heart diseases as compared with pessimists. (Source- Circ -AHA)

This is mainly due to the healthier lifestyle that optimists choose. Most of them give preference to healthy diet, exercise and pays attention to reducing stress in their life by being happy.

5. Reduce Aging

Old People Cycling

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Positivity can help you to stay more mobile and functioning during your old age as compared to those who are pessimists.

Journal of Canadian medical association published a study about physical activity recommendation in older adults and found that adult above the age of 60 who enjoy the life at the low level faced more problem in mobility and physical activity than those of their happier, positive counterparts. (Source- IJBNPA)

This definitely proves that positivity can lower the rate of aging.

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