Amazing Orange Juice Recipe To Detox Your Body

Orange is one of the best and rich sources of  vitamin C as well as fibers and can help detox your body. You can also add them to detox water.

Orange can provide you with the abundance of Vit. C, Fibers, Vit. B1 and Potassium. This all nutrient combined together can trigger your general health.


Fiber helps to clean your gut by improving bowel habits and reducing cholesterol while Vitamins & Potassium in orange can boost your energy. Fibers also help to fill your stomach so you end up eating less.

It is scientifically proved that a glass of orange juice is much beneficial that consuming vitamin C tablets. Orange juice also safeguards your kidney against forming stones, so if your body got the tendency to form kidney stone then it is advisable that you should drink a glass of orange juice every day.

There are many ways one can have orange, but drinking juice is the most preferable way. Today we brought you a very simple but effective orange juice recipe that can help you to boost your immunity, increase metabolic rate and flush toxins from your body.

  • Get a glass of orange juice.
  • Add 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar to juice.
  • Add 1 tsp of honey to the above mixture & stir well.

Mix this recipe well and drink 30 minutes before the meal. This will help you to lose your weight if practiced for a couple of weeks.

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Chris - October 1, 2015

I do not see the point in 14 , 12, and 10 year old’s trying so hard to lose weight…it seems kinda dangerous to make yourself vomit until you start losing larger quantities of weight. (Yikes) Here’s the thing, if you’re feelin’ sick then go to the bathroom and do your stuff. If you’re just doing this to lose weight, you should be disappointed about that because, chances are you are better looking than you think. I don’t know if this is a self-esteem type of thing but it should stop and, you should be happy with the way you look. Vomiting daily maybe multiple times probably can damage your body more than you think it’s helping. Good luck to those who continue to use this as a ”fitness program”. Hopefully you don’t just die from trying to lose weight that can be lost in a month or less.

    Dr. Sachin - October 2, 2015

    Thanks Chris for an insightful comment.
    I never wrote this article with the view to help people to lose weight by throwing up every day.
    Throwing up and losing weight as a result in not any fitness MANTRA but it is insanity.


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